Garden Lighting Options and Effects

Britain is a nation that loves its gardens. We invest so much time, designing, crafting and cultivating our gardens for so many purposes: creating a relaxing sanctuary, growing healthy organic food or entertaining friends and family, to name just a few. But there’s something missing, isn’t there? A final, finishing touch. The solution? Garden lighting. There is a whole host of possibilities for outdoor lighting, ranging from the purely practical to the solely stylish.

First, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way.

Ideally, paths, driveways and steps should be illuminated. It’s simple safety. A stumble or trip is so easily avoided by the use of some subtle lighting. Another imperative garden light to invest in is, of course, a security light. Chances are no one will be interested in running off with the garden furniture or the contents of your shed, but you can never be sure. Motion triggered, the bright white glare is a fantastic deterrent.

Garden lighting is so incredibly versatile, so, aside from practical uses, can completely change the aesthetic of your garden.

If you have any water features you’re in luck, especially anything where the water is moving. Bouncing coloured light from waterfalls or fountains will create some beautiful effects in your garden. Another great idea is to create shadow; if you have any interesting plants or statues, consider positioning your outdoor lighting to project a silhouette onto a wall or fence.

Perhaps you have some garden decking? Decking lighting is extremely popular, either lighting the area as a whole or embedding some LEDs in the steps will create a wonderful ambiance for any evening entertainment.

Any interesting garden features should be showcased too; pergolas, arbours or trees look enchanting with fairy lights draped over the top of them. Consider purchasing some movable solar lights too; place them in different locations around your garden to find the best positions, showing off your plants, and other interesting features.

Lighting up trees and shrubs, hanging lanterns, creating natural light with a firepit…all is possible so go and have fun with your outdoor lighting and find what works for you!

Images 1 and 2 - photo by nan palmero on Visual Hunt - CC BY      Image 3 - photo by daryl mitchell on Visual Hunt - CC BY-SA

Image 4 - photo by Caviness Landscape Design on Visual Hunt - CC BY-ND      Image 5 - photo by digduggan on Visual Hunt - CC BY

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