Cold frames and greenhouse clean up!

Well, it’s that time of year again to clean out your greenhouse and cold frames, ready for next year! Refreshing that soil and cleaning those pots now, prepares yourself and your garden for the spring/summer that is ahead of us!

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Tip number 1: Do not use existing garden soil for your new pots, garden soil is too heavy and far too dirty. You know, weed seeds, bugs and their eggs, bacteria - the stuff you don't want living in your pots! Potting soil is the key. 


Tip number 2: If you are planing to replant using last years soil, stop right there. This is bad news for your new plants! soil nutrition is depleted and the soil has more then likely gained unwelcome diseases such as fungal spores and has insects living in it. By all means reuse the old soil but here is the best way to do this:

Start by refreshing the soil in your pots or containers each year. Then you can throw the old soil into the other parts of your garden, use the old soil in the bottom third of your pot or container and the new soil on the top.

It's easy – empty pots, clean pots, change soil (with your new potting mix) and refill with your beautiful plants.

A regular clean of your greenhouse or cold frame will help maintain the structure, particually if the frame is made of wood and therefore prone to rotting. Dirty windows can affect sunlight levels - less light can lead to seedlings. becoming straggl