The Advantages of Plastic Garden Storage

There is a time and place when plastic garden storage is the perfect solution for keeping your gardening paraphernalia safe and snug. Plastic stores are easy to assemble and require little or no maintenance. They can also combine superb practicality with stunning good looks. What’s not to like?

Duramax Little Hut Plastic ShedLow Maintenance and Durable

Wooden garden storage is great but does need regular maintenance. Repainting or re-staining is a must every couple of years on models that have been dip treated, but plastic stores at the very most need a wash down with warm, soapy water to remove any algae. And that’s only if they have been tucked away in a dark corner of the garden. And that’s it. Look for plastic that is UV protected to ensure it won't fade or crack in the heat. Plastic garden storage is also impervious to water ingress and insect damage.

3x2 Lifetime 300L Heavy Duty Storage BoxEasy Assembly and Manoeuvring

Plastic outdoor storage is also easier to assemble than metal or wooden stores. Simply slot or click the plastic panels together and within minutes a store can be up and storing. There’s no need for drills and helpful neighbours. All it takes is a quick read of the instructions, layout the pieces and get clicking.

Being constructed from plastic, the stores are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around a garden.

Most plastic storage is padlock-readySecurity

Though not as secure as metal storage units, most plastic storage is padlock-ready. Simply click on your own padlock and achieve peace of mind.

4x6 Palram Grey Skylight Pent ShedStyle

The choices of colours and textures is far wider now. Rattan-style, wood-effect and lots of colour variations make choosing storage to suit your garden and taste even easier.

4x3 Suncast Resin Kensington Six Wheelie Bin StoreSpecialisastion

Some models of plastic storage have been designed with one purpose in mind. Wheelie bins for example are difficult to love especially when they loom wherever you seem to look in the garden. A resin wheelie bin store turns an ugly feature into a well disguised focal point.

Suncast Resin Garden Storage BenchMulti-purpose

But a plastic store needn’t just be a store. Clever designs have resulted in stores also doubling up as seating or tables. Now that’s fantastic use of space in any sized garden. Wicker seats, rattan benches and resin patio storage benches are all practical and stylish. Just imagine, masses of storage space and a piece of garden furniture all rolled into one. That’s a great investment.

There’s also a range of sizes and styles to fit and answer most gardening needs. All are long lasting and easily put together. Every one of them is easily secured and none need any attention for decades. Surely plastic is the perfect solution to your storage needs in any garden.