Quality garden tools are worth looking after. Clever and careful storage is absolutely necessary. This not only keeps them and you safe from accidents, it also makes them easily accessible as and when you need them.

Shed Hooks

Vintage Bird HooksVintage Rake HooksTools Hooks

Reusing old coat hangers as tool-horses is a great way to utilise something that clogs up a wardrobe. Wire hangers are easily manipulated into hooks for tools. They are also easily secured to a wooden shed or garage.

Pieces of strong dowel can be fixed onto battens and a near instant tool rack is the result. A few nails bashed into a wooden framework is one place to start when hanging up hand tools.

Or, simply purchase some heavy duty tool hooks like the ones above. Screw them in place and hang up trowels, forks, spades and rakes.

Tool Racks

Tool Rack with Wheels from Shedstore

Wooden pallets are difficult to break up and dispose of so reusing as a clever piece of tool storage is a great idea. Stood on their ends, the gap between the top and base of the pallet is perfect for sliding in the handles of tools. There they will be stored for easy access when you need them. 

Even broken tools can have an afterlife helping fellow tools last for years. Secure the head of a rake onto a wall of a shed and you have upward pointing prongs perfect for hanging hand tools, string, in fact any bits and bobs you need quickly.

Or opt for our ready-made tool rack; it's on wheels for extra convenience. Click here or on the image for more details.

Shed Shelving and Storage

a blue and a white shed shelving unita shed storage unit containing half cupboard, half shelves
And then, of course, there's good old shed shelving, allowing you to neatly store not just your tools but bulkier items too.

Shedstore stocks an excellent range of shed shelving, making for a tidier shed, easily found tools and a happier garden.