Quality garden tools are worth looking after. And that starts with careful and clever storage in a shed or garage. This not only keeps them and you safe from accidents, it also makes them easily accessible as and when you need them. Keeping tools tidy needn’t be an expensive project.

Reusing old coat hangers as tool-horses is a great way to reuse something that clogs up a wardrobe. Wire hangers are easily manipulated into hooks for tools. They are also easily secured to a wooden shed or garage. A few nails bashed into a wooden framework is one place to start when hanging up hand tools but actual tool hooks are also available. Screw them in place and hang up trowels, forks, spades and rakes.

Pieces of strong dowel can be fixed onto battens and a near instant tool rack is the result. Screw the whole lot to the wooden frame of a garage or shed, and spades and their like can be lifted off the floor saving clutter.

Wooden pallets are difficult to break up and dispose of so reusing as a clever piece of tool storage has to be a great idea. Stood on their ends, the gap between the top and base of the pallet is perfect for sliding in the handles of tools. There they will be stored for easy access when you need them.  Large tubes (look out for the thick cardboard inners of carpet rolls - often found if you do a bit of skip rummaging) can be cut into short lengths and again these can be used as tool holders.

Even broken tools can have an afterlife helping fellow tools last for years. Secure the head of a rake onto a wall of a shed and you have upward pointing prongs perfect for hanging hand tools, string, in fact any bits and bobs you need quickly.

Hosepipes can seem to have a mind and spirit of their own but can be neatly stored by using a car wheel hub. You can pick them up for next to nothing - or even nothing if too damaged and corroded for use on a car. You can, if the fancy takes you, spray paint them to match any gardening design and then bolt them to the outside of a shed or garage. Then it’s a simple case of winding the hosepipe around the hub and, voila: hose under control, the whole place tidied up and - most importantly -  the pipe is ready for use.

So, whether it’s a big storage project (if you want to save time or just don't think your DIY skills are honed enough yet, then ready-made units are available that simply slot together) or something as simple as screwing jam jar lids to the underside of a shelf and rotating the jars in and out (once filled with all those nuisance nails and labels) the results are fundamentally the same:  a tidier space, easily found tools and a happier garden.