The Best Herb Planters for This Year

Nothing beats the taste and aroma of freshly picked herbs especially when they have travelled food metres and not miles. A herb planter placed in a sunny spot outside your kitchen door will provide handfuls if not armfuls of herbs for many months of the year.

Whichever herb planter you choose, ensure it has plenty of drainage holes and is planted up using well-drained compost. Add extra grit until you hear the crunch when mixing. Drainage and a sunny site is vital to the success of your plants. But first, the planters:

Our high quality Devon herb planter (SHS248) is a superb planter. Its wooden, made of tongue and groove cladding and is sturdy. The planter is pressure treated, and thus enjoys an impressive 15 year guarantee against rot and is easy to put together. A couple of hours tops from receiving the package to getting ready to fill with that quality well drained compost. It is 1.5m wide and 0.5m deep – and that's a great space to grow a lot of herbs.

Grow plus tiered planter (SHS19154) is a lovely way to grow trailing herbs, such as thyme, along with upright and bushy herbs. It makes great use of space with three tiers of planting possible in each of the troughs. And that top trough is easy to plant as you won’t be scrabbling around on the floor with an aching back or creaking knees. All the wood is pressure treated so the planter has a 15 year guarantee against rot and is easy to put together. It really makes an attractive feature in any garden. The planter is 0.6m x 0.9m allowing it to fit into most garden spaces.

Devon table planter (SHS12865) stands high and proud on sturdy legs. It is the perfect planter if you have reduced mobility or simply want to make full use of space. All the wood is pressure treated resulting in a whopping 15 year guarantee against rot and the planting area is large so you can grow a super collection of herbs. Easily assembled in a couple of hours, ensure you have plenty of drainage holes in the base of the planter before planting up. The planter stands 87cm high and is 1m wide and 0.5m deep.

The Half log planter (SHS20366) will add bags of rustic charm to your garden. Plus, the 0.9m x 0.9m growing space is perfect for masses of herbs of all types. The wood is pressure treated so is guaranteed against rot for 15 years. The planter holds around 200 litres of compost (add grit to keep it well drained). As you'd expect, it is easy to assemble. Once planted up your plants will thrive and reward you with fresh herbs every day of the year.

Growmere planter set (SHS20323) is the perfect way to get a set of three planters into your garden allowing you to grow big and bold herbs with smaller creeping types. The biggest planter is great for fennel whilst the smallest is the one for creeping thymes. Any of the mint family will enjoy the middle size without running the risk of having it everywhere in the garden. The set of three planters is stylish and the wood is pressure treated so they all carry a 15 year guarantee against rot. Each planter is slightly raised off the ground to enable great drainage and, if you choose not to grow all the year round, they are stackable so space saving.


Whichever planter you choose, you’ll love the reward of fresh, home-grown herbs for your cooking.