Ten Perfect Planters for Your Garden

A wooden planter is such a garden essential that to have a garden but no planter would be like using a pen without ink, making an omelette without an egg or wearing glasses without lenses. Whether you have a spacious garden and flower beds, a small courtyard or simply a balcony, garden planters are very much a ‘need’ rather than a ‘want’. After all, where would the world be without an abundance of plants, flowers, home-grown vegetables and herbs?

Now we’ve established that you need a planter, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve landed on the website of the UK’s leading supplier of wooden planters. Not only that, but on a page of our website dedicated to 10 premier planters from our fantastic range. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

3'3 x 1'4 (1.0 x 0.40m) Grow-Plus Lyon Trellis Planter    

3' x 2' (0.9 x 0.6m) Rowlinson Tier Planter

2' x 6' (0.6 x 1.8m) Grow-Plus Deep Root Planter

3' x 1' (0.9 x 0.3m) Hillhout Nova Rectangle Planter

2' x 2' (0.5 x 0.5m) Rowlinson Marberry Obelisk Planter

3' x 1' (0.9 x 0.3m) Grow-Plus Nova Double Planter

3' x 2' (1 x 0.5m) Plant-Plus Devon Table Planter

2' x 3' (0.6 x 0.9m) Grow-Plus Tiered Planter

3' x 2' (0.9 x 0.6m) Rowlinson Marberry Barrel Planter

Grow-Plus Corner Trellis Planter

These brilliant wooden planters are just a selection of our stock. Please click here to view Shedstore’s fantastic full range of garden planters for sale.