Shedstore’s Log Cabin Buying Guide

Buying a log cabin will probably be the biggest purchase that you’ll ever make for your garden. Therefore, it’s essential to get it right.

If you do your homework, your log cabin will open up a whole new world of possibilities and add value to your property, because a log cabin is a true garden building in every sense of the word.

Our log cabin buying guide addresses the questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a log cabin.

Do this and your new garden cabin will exceed your expectations in such a way that you’ll be able to look back, with satisfaction, at the best purchase you ever made.

What to Consider Before Buying A Log Cabin

 a log cabin with a clock-house roof, 8 windows and glazed double doors

Your Reason for Buying the Log Cabin

This is the first thing to ask yourself because your answer should influence all other considerations.

Do you intend to use your log cabin all year round? If so, will you be spending long periods of time there or are you happy to use it for a mixture of things, such as leisure and garden storage?

If the answer is the former, how important is insulation? Do you want a well-insulated, comfortable garden office or a cooler home gym?

How important is natural light to your plans? Will the cabin be a suitable place for reading or doing intricate practical work?

If your aim is garden storage, what are you intending to store – a modest number of boxes and tools or the family car?  

a large, white log cabin with a black reverse apex roof and balusters

Log Cabin Size

This may seem obvious but it’s important to be realistic, firstly about the size of your garden.

Garden log cabins range from about 2m2 to 8x5m so, whatever size you choose, it will be a significant feature in your garden.

How much space have you really got to play with?

Don’t run the risk of the log cabin completely dominating your garden and be sure to keep room for the other things you enjoy.

On the other hand, will your new home office have enough space for your computer equipment and office furniture?

Have you got sufficient room to exercise comfortably in your new garden gym, or fit your tools and benches into your new garden workshop?

Get the tape measure out and be meticulous in your planning.

a garden building with a pent roof, 4 large windows and glazed double doors

Cladding Thickness

With their origins in colder Scandinavian climates, log cabins’ walls are significantly thicker than sheds or summerhouses.

A high-quality shed or summerhouse will have a cladding thickness ranging from 7 to 12mm, whilst a garden log cabin could be anything between 19 and 70mm.

Choose 19mm and you’ve got a very pleasant environment to spend 8 or 9 months of the year, an excellent home gym or the perfect garden storage facility.

If you need a comfortable home office to use the whole year round, you should choose a minimum cladding thickness of 44mm.

If a member of the family intends to live in your new garden cabin, 70mm cladding is the best option.

a log cabin, with a door and 2 windows, specifically designed for the corner of a garden

Style of Log Cabin

Choosing a style of log cabin isn’t just about what visually appeals to you; there are practical considerations too.

If you’re searching for a garden office then you’ll need plenty of windows for natural light.

If you’re positioning it in the corner of a garden then a specifically-designed 'corner log cabin' could well be the best option for you.

Will the garden cabin be subject to sun glare? If so, we’d advise selecting one with a large roof overhang?

If your log cabin will act as a garage, do you require one with a personal access door for other requirements too?

a small log cabin with an apex roof, partially-glazed door and framed window


There’s no getting away from it, a log cabin is a significant purchase.

A high-quality garden cabin can cost anything from £600 to over £15,000.

Size, cladding thickness, materials used and specification will all play a part in determining the exact price.

Anything under £500 and you’re liable to be disappointed with the quality.

Anything over £20,000 and you’re probably paying over the odds.

a large, wooden double garage, with a window and personal access door

Do I Need Planning Permission?

It’s essential that you address this issue before buying a log cabin.

We’ve written a separate one-page blog, which tells you everything you need to know about planning permission and whether it applies to you.

Log Cabins for Sale

a large log cabin with a reverse apex roof and 4 windows

Shedstore is the nation’s premier supplier of all garden buildings, so we stock a fantastic range of log cabins to suit all of your requirements.

We also sell a great range of log cabin heaters to keep your cabin nice and snug, the whole year round.

What’s more, our UK-based log cabin advisors are always on-hand to answer your questions, so you can select the garden log cabin that’s right for you.

Main image: Forest Abberley 4m x 3m Log Cabin - 34mm