Portable Gas Heaters Transform Garden Buildings

Warm Your Garden Building with A Portable Gas Heater

Buying a portable gas heater is a great way to get more use out of your shed, summer house or log cabin.

Unless you own a garden building with exceptionally thick cladding, the winter months can be a bit too chilly to relax inside of it, but a portable gas heater will change all that.

How Do Portable Gas Heaters Work?

Gas Cylinders

Summer house heaters are designed to work off a gas cylinder. Your gas heater retailer will let you know the appropriate size.

Using a cylinder makes these heaters completely mobile, so they can be operated anywhere within the garden building.

Although the hose, regulator and other essential parts are invariably included, you will need to buy the cylinder separately, which you should purchase from a recognised, reputable stockist.

a black portable gas heater with a protective grill

Portable Gas Heater Safety

Of course, like with any gas or electrical appliance, safety is of paramount importance.

A good portable gas cabinet heater should be fitted with features such as an oxygen depletion system, a flame failure device and a protective grill, to ensure their safe operation.

When buying a new summer house heater, always look for the CE mark, which confirms that the heater conforms to high European safety standards.

a close-up of a portable gas heater's control knob

Adjustable Settings

Many portable gas heaters also include adjustable settings.

This allows you to perfectly heat any garden building, as well as choose a temperature suitable for the time of the year.

A heater with a maximum output approaching 4kw is enough to warm most sheds, summer houses and log cabins.

Portable Gas Heaters in Action

To help you fully appreciate a gas cabinet heater's true value, try picturing the following scenarios.

a small, red summer house heater

Heating A Shed

The Lifestyle Mini Red Heatforce Portable Gas Heater

The new year has just passed and there’s frost on the ground, but you’ve decided to give your shed its spring clean a little earlier than usual.

Your neighbours won’t be outside for another couple of months but you’re happily listening to the radio, whilst organising your tools, nice and snug thanks to your new mini gas heater.

With Piezo ignition, 3 heat settings and a set of 4 castors, it will remain by your side in the shed, well into spring and probably beyond.

a portable gas heater with an attractive blue flame

Warming A Summer House

The Lifestyle Azure Blue Flame Portable Gas Heater

You’ve just got back from walking the dog and you’re wet, cold and eager to sit down.

This time last year, you were hopping around on the patio, trying to remove your boots so you could quickly enter the house, but now you can take them off at your leisure in a nice, warm summer house, instead.

It’s all thanks to your new summer house heater.

In fact, with its attractive, long-lasting blue flame and variable heat settings, it leaves you little incentive to spend time in the lounge.

a grey portable summer house heater next to a door

Making A Log Cabin Cosy

The Lifestyle Seasons Warmth Grey Portable Gas Heater

You’re grateful for the opportunity to work from your new garden office but, before Christmas, felt rather uncomfortable sat at your desk, dressed in a coat and gloves.

Then Santa came to the rescue and now it feels like you’re working in a modern, centrally-heated office.

What did he buy you? A portable gas heater, of course.

With its 4.2kw maximum heat output, clever safety features and smart, grey finish, it’s made your log cabin feel like a proper home office.

Portable Gas Heaters for Sale

a portable gas cabinet heater with an attractive flame display

As you can see, if you own a garden building, portable gas heaters are great to have around.

So, don’t neglect your shed, summer house or log cabin when it’s cold outside.

Choose from our fantastic range of portable gas heaters and enjoy life outdoors the whole year round.

a silver outdoor patio heater, positioned on a table

And If You Want to Heat Your Garden Too?

As well as summer house heaters, we stock top-of-the-range gas patio heaters, suitable for homeowners and businesses alike.

They operate using the same principles as our indoor heaters, but are more powerful and include their own unique features, so now you can stay warm in your home, summer house and garden too.