Using Solar Power in Garden Buildings

Add power to your shed or summer house without an electrician

To make the most out of any shed, workshop, summerhouse or log cabin, you need to have lighting and power.

This does not mean paying the high costs of an electrician laying cables under the lawn and wiring the outdoor building up to the mains. Instead, the easiest and most cost effective choice is to use solar power in garden buildings.

solar lighting in a summer house

Here we take a look at the amazing solar technology that makes it easy to add power to a shed or other external building without any specialist skills and without increasing electricity bills.

Solar Lighting Hubs

a solar power unit for outdoor garden buildingsIn a choice of voltages to suit a variety of demands, these great value solar lighting systems allow you to not only light outdoor buildings but power various appliances too. Most importantly, they provide have mains quality lighting for up to 6 hours per night. 

They are exempt from building regulations and can be easily and safely insalled by anyone. Each solar lighting kit takes about 10-15 minutes to set up with no specialist knowledge or tools required.

solar lighting system in a stableWith kits illuminating areas ranging from 4x4m up to 8x8m and with a choice of strip lighting or pendant bulbs, these kits suit almost every outdoor building. 

The solar panel wll collect enough energy during the day (even in Britain) to power its light or lights for 2 to 6 hours every day of the year (2 hours in the winter and 6 hours the rest of the year).

As well as the light sockets, each hub includes 2 USB sockets and a 12v socket. So, as well as light, each solar system can also power 12v appliances such as fans and fridges or provide handy charging for mobile devices.

The Vintage Solar Lighting Collection

A solar lighting system with lamps and desk in a shedSolar Lighting Just Got Stylish!

For summer houses, log cabins and gazebos, a more refined light may be more appropiate.

The Vintage SolarHub collection includes the same great solar technology but with a choice of table lamps, pendant lights and floor lamps in various combinations.

These are designed to provide a softer, more ambient light to your gadren building.

A technical image of solar lighting system including floor lamps and table lamps

These stylish solar lighting sysems are designed to provide 5hrs of nightly illumination in spring, summer and autumn.

They will need extension solar panels to achieve best light in winter or to boost the hours of light the rest of the year.

Like the standard SolarHub solar lighting kits, the battery hub of the vintage solar light collection still offer USB points for charging mobile devices and a 12v appliance point to power fans, tvs, mini fridges and other 12v appliances.

Find the Right Solar Lighting for Your Outdoor Building

Take a look at our full range of Solar Power and Lighting Systems at Shedstore.

They will transform how you use your shed or summerhouse, for the better.