One thing all gardens have in common is a shed. Sheds come in all different shapes and sizes and are standing in all different types of conditions. Some of us use our shed traditionally and store outside items such as tools, bikes and patio furniture. However, some people choose to use the shed a little differently, as a workshop, outside living space or just a general escape from the home.

If you have a shed that isn’t really being used anymore, check out this fantastic guide that will spark ideas on how you can transform it.

How to create and lay a shed floor

Creating and laying a shed floor is very easy and will not break the bank as there are many budget methods you can go for.

The first step as always is to measure the inside of your shed. This is going to require the shed being completely empty and you will need a measuring tape.

Whilst you’re at it and have the shed clear, this is the time to fix anything broken and restore it back to working shape. Again here is a brilliant guide on how to fix a shed.

The first and cheapest method when it comes to laying a floor would be to use carpet. Carpet is easy on the feet, will retain heat and can be sourced cheaply. Carpet can be fitted into any shed by cutting and laying down like ordinary carpet. If you are not bothered about the style you can find off-cuts pretty easily and work with what you have to make a floor.

Creating your own timber floor is also not a hard task. If you have an older shed that is sat on a timber base then you can go ahead and remove the flooring and start fresh. You will need lengths of wood to fit width and length and create a shed base. Create a frame the same size as your shed and then add a middle strength piece both vertical and horizontal. This can be done with a simple screwdriver and long screws once the timber is measured out. Make sure it is properly measured so it fits snug. Then depending on your budget either use tongue and groove panelling and create a premium floor or purchase OSB sheeting which is less in price but also has reduced strength.

Alternative options

Another option if money is no issue is to purchase readymade flooring or frames. We have a range of sheds on the site that are delivered with a metal frame which allows you to add your very own flooring similar to the method above but removes all hassle of making your own.

If your shed is beyond repair and creating your own flooring seems like too much then head over to our garden sheds range and order a new shed with flooring today.