Why You Need Wheelie Bin Storage and Which Option to Choose

Wheelie bins are certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing (or the best smelling) of garden features, practical and invaluable though they are. Furthermore, if proper storage is neglected, wheelie bins can fall foul of a number of dangers.

Firstly, urban foxes and rats love nothing more than rummaging through bins on the hunt for an easy meal. This problem is exacerbated if you’ve forgotten to put the bins out one week, and they’re now overflowing with rubbish – not exactly the best way to endear yourself to the neighbours.

Secondly, drunken fools and silly students think nothing is funnier than kicking over an innocent wheelie bin, leaving its contents strewn across your driveway. This is no laughing matter when councils charge up to £20 for a replacement wheelie!

Thirdly, strong British winds can easily topple a wheelie bin, rendering them instantly more susceptible to pesky pests on the lookout for food.

So, what’s the solution to these ever-present problems? A wheelie bin store of course.

But which wheelie bin storage unit is the best for my garden?

The traditional option is of course wood. Wooden bin stores are certainly the most visually appealing choice, blending seamlessly into your garden against the background of fence panels, and matching your beloved garden shed. Nowadays, most options come pressure treated, so they are guaranteed against rot and fungal decay for an impressive 15 years. Of course, another benefit of wooden wheelie bin storage units is that they make less noise when the heaven’s inevitably open in the middle of the night!

5 'x 3' (1.56x0.82m) Rowlinson Double Wheelie Bin Storage

If you prefer a lightweight and portable storage unit, it may be wise to opt for a plastic or metal bin store instead. Easy to move around the garden, yet plenty strong enough to withstand the weather and aforementioned pests, plastic and metal wheelie bin stores are becoming increasingly popular. As with all plastic and metal storage units, these bin stores are designed to stand the test of time, and are virtually maintenance free. Just be sure to give them a clean every once in a while, with your trusty garden hose.

Plastic and Metal Bin Stores

If you’ve previously been hesitant to invest in a wheelie been storage unit, then now is the time to take the leap, have a browse here for our full range.