6'6 x 2'7 Forest Shiplap Large Double Door Apex Garden Storage

Having good outdoor storage is important throughout the year but as we approach autumn, it’s an absolute must! Outdoor storage is not just essential for keeping our gardens tidy, it brings other huge benefits too…

Reasons to Buy Outdoor Storage NOW!

5x3 Lotus Anthracite Grey Cushion Storage BoxDo you want your family’s expensive bikes left unprotected on long, dark winter nights? No? Then you need a bike shed.

Are you happy for your gorgeous garden furniture to be saturated with rain or buried in snow? Of course, you’re not! Then it’s patio storage for you.

And what if your wheelie bins are blown over in the wind and litter gets strewn all over your garden path and flower beds? Urgh, perish the thought! Buying a bin shed means this potential nightmare will never become a reality.

We’re all watching the pennies right now, but what we're trying to say is that it’s essential to guard against false economy. If you don’t protect your valuable outdoor equipment throughout autumn and winter, you’re going to regret it. Investing in good outdoor storage is an absolute must.

Should I Buy Metal, Plastic or Wooden Garden Storage?

6x4 Suncast Resin Kensington Eight Store - Plastic Garden Storage in PeppercornOne of the most common questions we’re asked about storage is whether customers should choose metal, plastic, or wooden garden stores. Let’s cut to the chase – it doesn’t matter. We have no preference, and neither should you. All three of these materials can be used to make highly-effective outdoor storage units when they’re designed and manufactured correctly, and Shedstore always ensures that the products we sell meet the highest possible standards.

To prove the point, let’s look at 3 of our current bestsellers: a metal, plastic, and wooden garden storage unit, all of which have given the people who bought them complete peace of mind that their valuable outdoor equipment is protected, as summer draws to a close…

Metal Storage: 6'4 x 2'9 Trimetals Metal Bike Shed - Cream (1.95m x 0.88m)

6'4 x 2'9 Trimetals Metal Bike Shed - CreamTrimetals are masters at making metal garden storage and their bike sheds are up there with the very best on the market.

Supplied with an extraordinary 25-year panel guarantee, this bicycle storage unit is made in the UK from PVC-coated galvanised steel, so it’s easy to see why it has been endorsed by the nation’s cycling press.

With a spring-assisted lid and 2 padlock points too, this metal bike shed will keep your family’s bicycles completely protected from the weather and thieves alike.

Plastic Outdoor Storage: Toomax Extra Large Grey 1200L Plastic Outdoor Garden Storage Unit / Wheelie Bin Store

Toomax Extra Large Grey 1200L Plastic Outdoor Garden Storage UnitThe days when plastic storage was viewed as an inferior option are long gone. In fact, as far as Shedstore’s plastic storage products are concerned, ‘premium’ and ‘plastic’ could be interchangeable words. If you don’t believe us, consider this bin shed…

Expertly engineered in Italy, from recyclable polypropylene, it is weatherproof, UV protected and completely maintenance free. An extra-large lid and wide double doors give complete access to the store’s generous 1200-litre capacity. Both can be secured via the padlock fixing, so you can rest assured that your bins are safe (padlock not included).

Already got a bin store? Don’t let that put you off! This premium outdoor storage unit is perfect for protecting lawnmowers, garden furniture and BBQs too.

Wooden Garden Storage: 6'5 x 2'10 Forest Large Double Door Pent Wooden Garden Storage - Bike / Mower Outdoor Store (1.9m x 0.86m)

6'5 x 2'10 Forest Large Double Door Pent Wooden Garden StorageIf you opt for wooden garden storage, it always pays to invest in a Forest pressure-treated product. That’s because Forest pressure-treated wood is always backed by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, with no further treatment required.

What’s more, Forest is a carbon neutral business, so you’ll be doing your bit to not only keep your bikes secure, but the planet safe too.

This multipurpose bike shed/ mower store is one of their bestsellers. Made in the UK from ethically-sourced wood, fitted with lockable double doors, and boasting a huge 2000-litre capacity, it comes with everything required to protect all manner of outdoor equipment.

Shedstore Is the Home of Garden Storage

3'6 x 1'10 Forest Shiplap Tall Pent Wooden Tool StoreWith autumn approaching, it’s time to tidy up your garden and keep your valuable outdoor equipment properly protected. You’ll find exactly what you need to do this amongst our unbeatable range of garden storage.

If you do prefer a particular storage material, it’s here for metal garden storage, here for plastic storage, and here for wooden patio storage.

Remember, always shop Shedstore because we’re the home of outdoor storage.

Main image: 6'6 x 2'7 Forest Shiplap Large Double Door Apex Garden Storage - Outdoor Bike / Mower Store (1.9m x 0.81m)