a garden sofa and stool on top of a brown composite deck kit

Your garden design can easily be refreshed at any time of the year.

Good garden design shouldn’t purely be about aesthetic appeal, either – not when there’s an opportunity to enjoy significant practical benefits from the improvements too. 

If you don’t believe that you can have the best of both worlds, consider these 10 great ways to transform your garden design while improving the quality of your life at the same time.

10 Practical Ways to Enhance Your Garden Design

Garden Design Change 1: The Garden Office

a wooden garden office with glazed double doors and windows


Working from home is now a fact of life for many people. It brings with it many advantages but only if you do it right.

A garden office means far greater privacy and productivity than working in your house, not to mention the benefits it brings to your garden’s design.

A log cabin, summerhouse or workshop shed boasts plenty of aesthetic appeal, and it also projects a highly professional image. If a client comes to visit you, what is more likely to impress them – a desk in the dining room or a bespoke wooden office at the end of your garden?

2. New Fencing Can Transform Your Garden Design

a 6x6 slatted fence panel


Every masterpiece needs a suitable frame and your garden is no different. New fence panels can absolutely transform the whole feel of your garden.

What’s more, there is fencing to suit every conceivable style of garden.

For example, if you live in an older terraced property, traditional panels like featheredge are ideal; while picket fencing perfectly sets off a cottage garden.

Alternatively, if you prefer something a bit more contemporary, slatted fence panels make a great choice.

Of course, there are plenty of practical benefits to most new fence runs too, including enhanced privacy and security. Should you opt for pressure treated fence panels, you have the added bonus of crossing fence treatment off your annual garden to-do list.

3. A Garden Arch Alters the Whole Perspective of Your Garden 

a black metal garden arch with lattice sides and a seat


Garden arches are a very good way to alter the look of a garden with minimal effort required.

They are particularly effective when compartmentalising it, perhaps acting as an entry point to your vegetable patch or some other special area of the garden.

Certain arches’ designs can even play with perspective, making your garden appear bigger than it actually is.

And then there are trellis arches, which support climbing plants and provide the opportunity to create something completely unique. Try wisteria, jasmine, and clematis; they’re all easy to grow and look stunning.

4. Garden Decking Modernises A Garden’s Design

a square patio deck kit with railings, a planter and stools


Composite and wooden decking is an easy and affordable way to transform your garden. Not only does it give the garden a modern feel, the timber perfectly complements the natural aspects of the rest of the garden.

Durable and hard wearing, decking boards form the perfect base for an outdoor furniture set.

5. Outdoor Furniture Sets Bring A Touch of Luxury to Your Garden Design

a rattan sofa, 2 rattan chairs and a glass-top table


There’s an immense choice of garden furniture available for you to buy.

You could go for something as simple as an understated wooden bench or something as extravagant as a multiple-piece rattan furniture set. The former sits perfectly in a cottage-style garden, while the latter beautifully enhances any patio or modern decked area.

The practical advantages are clear – you now have somewhere to sit and relax, dine alfresco or entertain friends.

6. Arbours, Gazebos and Pergolas Add Class to Your Garden Design

a woman reading in a blue-painted garden arbour


A stunning wooden arbour, gazebo or pergola improves the look of any garden. 

If it has lattice sides and/ or a trellis top then you have the opportunity to create something very special using climbing plants.

Don’t forget that arbours and gazebos often include integral garden seating, providing a shaded, sheltered spot under which you can enjoy the charms of your garden.

7. A Water Feature Brings Zen To Your Garden Design

a raised decorative wooden fish pond


Little beats the calming sight and sound of a garden water feature.

Some decorative pools include garden seating, offering you and your guests the perfect place to relax.

You might use the water feature as a fish pond, or possibly just let it speak for itself as a simple yet attractive garden feature?

8. Brighten Up Your Garden with Outdoor Lighting

deckchairs underneath a garden gazebo with solar lighting


There’s no need to limit showing off your garden design to daylight hours, not when you can purchase attractive garden lighting kits.

Outdoor lights not only show off the rest of your garden, they make an exceptionally attractive feature in their own right too.

Garden lighting can be centred on a particular structure, such as a gazebo, or used around your garden in a looser fashion.

Don’t worry about the environmental or financial consequences of using garden lighting, either – many of the best kits operate using solar power.

9. Enjoy Red Hot Garden Design with A Firepit

a decorative, brown, circular fire pit bowl


A strategically placed firepit is a must for anyone with a real eye for garden design.

Fire pits and fire bowls come in a range of sizes and designs, from the traditional to the contemporary. When burning fuel in the evening twilight, they can have an almost mystical allure.

In terms of practicality, a fire pit or fire bowl will obviously keep you warm, and if you fancy a little something extra then why not choose one that doubles up as a BBQ grill?

10. Sun Rooms Transform Home AND Garden Design

a polycarbonate sunroom/ greenhouse with a white frame


Everybody will notice if you add a sunroom or conservatory to your back wall.

While they tend to lend themselves to a more contemporary garden design, there’s no written rules to prevent owners of other types of garden buying one too.

We typically associate sun rooms and conservatories with extending our living space, but don’t forget that they make excellent alternatives to greenhouses too.

Perfect Your Garden Design with Shedstore

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Nobody appreciates what makes a good garden a great one better than Shedstore.

Whether you read this article in spring, summer, winter or autumn, view our fantastic full range of products and let your creative streak take over as you perfect your own garden’s design.