a pretty wooden arbour in a sunny garden with cushions and a blanket

Our Top 10 Wooden Garden Arbours


Best Traditional Arbour

Shire Rose Arbour

Shire Rose Arbour 5x3ft

The Rose Arbour from Shire is the quintessential garden arbour: solid bench, trellis sides and sloping roof. What more could you want? Here the wooden arbour is painted in a soft green to help it blend into the natural surroundings.

This arbour is pressure treated and comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee.

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Best Arbour for Climbing Plants

Forest Sorrento Corner ArbourForest Sorrento Corner Arbour

The Sorrento Corner Arbour from Forest Garden features loads of trellis, providing plenty of room for climbing plants to take hold. Once established, the plants will turn this arbour into a natural feature of the garden.

This arbour is pressure treated and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

Best Cheap Arbour

Storemore Athena Garden ArbourStoremore Athena Garden Arbour

For an arbour that gives you all you need at a great value price, the Athena Arbour from Storemore is the answer.

At under £150, this wooden arbour still offers great quality and features a 7-year guarantee.

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Best Storage Arbour

Rowlinson Winchester Garden Arbour

Rowlinson Winchester

When you need an arbour that gives a little more, the Winchester from Rowlinson raises the game. The seat of this wooden arbour is also a storage area, perhaps for that blanket and cushion to make it a cosy nook or perhaps those gardening tools you like to have close to hand.

This handsome wooden arbour from Rowlinson is pressure treated and guaranteed against rot for 15 years.

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Best Corner Arbour

Forest Venetian Corner ArbourForest Venetian Corner Arbour

Make the most of every corner of your garden with this Venetian Corner Arbour from Forest. 

This spacious arbour is pressure treated for a 15-year anti-rot guarantee and is a sophsiticated vantage spot for garden views.

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Best Contemporary Arbour 

Forest Infinity Wooden ArbourForest Infinity Wooden Arbour

With sleek modern lines and a design that plays with perspective, the Infinity Wooden Arbour from Forest is perfect for a modern garden design.

This garden arbour frames the view beyond, is pressure treated and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

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Best Swing Arbour

Storemore Poseidon Swing ArbourStoremore Poseidon Swing Arbour

Another garden arbour that offers you that something extra, the Poseidon Swing Arbour from StoreMore is also a gentle garden swing.

Rock away your worries from a long day on this pressure-treated swing seat that comes with a 7-year anti-rot guarantee.

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Best Multipurpse Arbour

Rowlinson BBQ Shelter Party ArbourRowlinson BBQ Shelter / Party Arbour

When you're entertaining, this quiet nook becomes a shelter for your barbecue. The side panels becoming tables perfect for sauces and nibbles while the seat simply folds up and out the way so the grill can take centre stage.

This unique multipurpose garden arbour is pressure treated and has undergone fire-retardant treatment too. It comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

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Best Wow Factor Arbour

Forest Whitby Wooden ArbourForest Whitby Wooden Arbour

If you like your garden features to make a statement, the Whitby Wooden Arbour from Forest Garden is for you.

Inspired by the iconic Whalebone Arch on Whitbby's seafront, this garden arbour also features a storage bench seat. Beautiful and practical.

The wooden arbour is pressure treated and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

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Best Alternative to an Arbour

Glendale Bayeux Double Hanging Rattan Chair

Glendale Bayeux Double Hanging Rattan Chair

For a truly modern alternative to a garden arbour, this hanging chair offers sumptious seating and a sense of shelter. 

Available in mocha or dark grey the Bayeux rattan chair has enough room for two and includes the comfy cushions.

Just imagine lazy afternoons curled up in this stunning chair!

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Arbours for Everyone

So, there really is a wooden garden arbour for every garden and to meet every gardener's taste.

Have a look at the full range here: All Garden Arbours for Sale. You might also like to read  Top 5 Timber Garden Design Features.