a pretty wooden arbour in a sunny garden with cushions and a blanket

A garden arbour makes a beautiful addition to any outdoor area. 

Not just attractive, arbours are practical too. After all, an arbour seat is the perfect place to relax in your garden, shaded from the sun and sheltered from showers. They also provide a wonderfully secluded spot to enjoy a good book or share a romantic moment with a loved one.

What’s more, no two garden arbours are the same. In fact, there’s a wooden arbour to suit just about every location, situation and taste.

Here, we take a look at 10 of the best garden arbours, all with their own unique appeal.

Our Top 10 Wooden Garden Arbours

Shire Rose Arbour

Shire Rose Arbour 

The Rose Arbour from Shire is the quintessential garden arbour, featuring a solid bench, trellis sides and sloping roof.

The lattice sections provide excellent support to climbing plants, giving you the opportunity to create a beautiful little hideaway at the back of the garden.

This wooden arbour is supplied dip treated, smooth planed and with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee. As an alternative to annual retreatment, it looks stunning when painted too.

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Forest Parisienne ArbourForest Parisienne Garden Arbour Seat 

Imagine yourself relaxing on this arbour seat with a cup of coffee and a good book, surrounded by scents of honeysuckle or jasmine.

Well, with 3 trellis sides and a slatted roof, this garden arbour is perfectly designed to support your favourite climbing plants.

What’s more, it is made from soft, slow-grown timber, pressure treated and supplied with a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee, so you’ll get to enjoy its unique charms for many years to come.

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Storemore Athena Garden ArbourPantheon Athena Garden Arbour

For an arbour that gives you all you need at a great value price, the Athena Arbour from Storemore is the answer.

At under £150, this wooden arbour still offers great quality and features a 7-year guarantee.

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Rowlinson Winchester Garden Arbour

Rowlinson Winchester

If you want an elegant arbour that gives you a little bit more, the Rowlinson Winchester Garden Arbour Seat is a great choice.

Its under-seat storage provides plenty of room for outdoor cushions, as well as those much-used gardening tools you like to keep close to hand.

Built to the highest standards and with solid timber sides, this robust garden arbour is pressure treated and backed by a 10-year anti-rot guarantee.

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Forest Venetian Corner ArbourForest Venetian Corner Arbour

This large garden arbour really does look something special, doesn’t it? What makes it even better is that it’s perfectly designed to sit in a (possibly unused) corner of the garden.

Built from premium 12mm shiplap tongue and groove panels, this wooden arbour is smooth planed, pressure treated and backed by a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

The Venetian style arbour roof is exceptionally eye-catching, while its ‘stay dry’ design ensures you can enjoy the sunshine but with complete protection from summertime showers.

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Rowlinson Dartmouth Swing Seat

Rowlinson Dartmouth Wooden Garden Swing Seat

With its lattice sides, gently sloping roof and slatted arbour seat, this garden arbour is designed in the most impeccable taste.

Pressure treated, backed by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, and with galvanised steel protection on the feet of the posts too, it is also built to last.

Once you’ve purchased this arbour you can kick off your shoes, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax in style.

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Storemore Poseidon Swing ArbourPantheon Poseidon Swing Arbour

As if the joys of a standard garden arbour weren’t enough, this swing arbour seat allows you to gently rock yourself into a state of complete relaxation too.

Pressure treated and supplied with a 7-year anti-rot guarantee, this arbour is certainly built to last.

The slatted roof, open back and trellis sides give you the best of everything – ample shelter, exposure to sunshine and the opportunity to decorate your arbour with climbers.

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Rowlinson BBQ Shelter Party ArbourRowlinson BBQ Shelter / Party Arbour

An attractive arbour seat with a trellis back, you might think? Well, look again because this garden arbour doubles up as a stylish BBQ shelter too.

Simply lift up the seat, raise the side panels, and you have plenty of space for your BBQ grill, as well as two side tables for plates and condiments.

This BBQ arbour isn’t a gimmick, either; it is pressure treated, coated in fire-retardant treatment and supplied with a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

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Shire Forget-Me-Not Wooden Arbour

Shire Forget-Me-Not Garden Arbour Seat 

This beautifully made garden arbour oozes class. With partially open sides, a spacious seat and a gently scalloped seat trim, it offers you the perfect place to relax in style in your garden.  

Built from premium tongue and groove, pressure treated and supplied with an excellent 10-year anti-rot guarantee, this arbour seat is also built to last.

What’s more, the arbour’s clean-cut, uncomplicated design makes it easy to paint and create a truly unique garden feature.

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Forest Lyon Garden Arbour Seat

Forest Lyon Garden Arbour Seat 

With three diamond trellis sides, this wooden arbour is perfectly equipped to support climbing plants. Once the plants are established, the arbour will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your natural garden.

Pressure treated, smooth planed and supplied with a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee, no further treatment is required, saving you time and money.

This arbour seat for two also includes under-seat garden storage – the ideal home for cushions, blankets and books.

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