How to Add a Plug to a Shed

Adding power to garden buildings

Whether your shed is a workshop, you have a summerhouse retreat or you have turned a log cabin into a home office, power will transform your outdoor building and the time you spend in it. Here's a few tips and ideas to think about when adding power to your garden building.

Mains Power

An electrician working on a fuseboxEmploy a professional

Unless you are a qualified electrician do not even think about connecting your outdoor building to mains power yourself. Regulations are far stricter nowadays plus, for safety, trying a bit of electrical DIY simply isn't worth the risk.

There are websites dedicated to suggesting qualified, reliable tradesmen in local areas. Word of mouth recommendations from family and friends are also a great place to start.

Bodge jobs can cause disastrous problems and cutting corners could end up costing more to fix in the long run. If any damage is caused to your home or your neighbour's property, you are liable. Don't take the risk.

double plug socketThe power cable

When it comes to having the cable fitted you have a few choices: through the air, underground or overground. An armoured cable provides protection against damage. We recommend placing the cable underground as this is the safest option. Although creating a trench is harder work if you have a larger garden, you do not have to worry about accidental damage to the wire which could cause fatal consequences. Overground is good for a quick fix;  however, as mentioned, it only takes an accident to cause serious harm. Running the cable through the air removes the chance of damage from mowing, for example, but can still lead to accidents. All trained electricians will recommend underground cabling.

Once the cable is laid, it’s very simple for the electrician to add the plug socket. A skilled tradesman will have the job done within the day. Once the cable is added to the shed and the plug socket is fitted, checks must be taken to ensure that the plug socket is safe and ready to use.

Solar Power

A shed lit by solar powerNew advances

Solar power has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The new units can light a bulb, charge a laptop and run a 12v device too. Here at Shedstore, we stock Solar Hubs. The Solar Hubs provide lighting, USB charging points and 12v device points for a convenient power source.

SolarHub 32 (10K) Led Strip solar power systemDIY

You can fit our solar power systems in less than half an hour with no specialist experience or tools needed. Plus, once you've paid for the kit, there are no further costs as the sun provides all the power. Therefore, you save on the cost of an electrician and avoid the added impact on your electricity bill.