Get Your Shed Ready for Winter with Our Garden Shed MOT

The Shedstore Shed MOT

The summer is over. Weeks of unbroken sunshine, record temperatures and paddling pools will soon be nothing but a distant memory. Winter is coming, so it’s time to wrap up warm, batten down the hatches and protect all that we hold dear.

For customers of Shedstore this can only mean one thing… It’s time to get your shed ready for winter with Shedstore’s 5-point Shed MOT.


10m x 1m Forest Durable Green Mineral Felt


1. Check Felt 

If the roof felt is sound but has come loose at the edges then nail it down without delay. If there’s a hole or rip in the felt, you may be tempted to patch it up but, in the long run, this will only lead to more work. Carefully remove the nails and old felt and make your shed roof completely weathertight with Forest Durable Green Mineral Felt covering. For a video guide on how to felt a shed roof click here.

10’ Hall’s Rainsaver Guttering attached to a garden shed


2. Clear Gutters


Blocked gutters have the potential to damage your garden shed, as well as limiting your free supply of rainwater; so, get on that ladder and remove any leaves and debris. If you haven’t yet discovered the many benefits of shed guttering, what are you waiting for? Click here to purchase Hall’s Rainsaver Guttering today.

a tub of Shed and Fence Treatment Harvest Gold 5-ltr


3. Treat Timber


If you own a dip-treated wood shed, now is the time for its annual re-treatment. Either paint or stain will do the trick and keep your shed free from rot for another year. Even pressure-treated wood needs protecting. If you have a pressure-treated shed but can’t remember when you last coated it in preservative, chances are that it will need doing now.

a bicycle held in place inside a wood shed by the 1’8 Bull Security Stronghold Underfloor Locking Kit


4. Maximise Security


Winter means longer nights and thieves thrive under the cover of darkness. Bicycles and garden tools are valuable items and not all sheds are impregnable. If you value the contents of your garden shed, click here to purchase the Bull Security Stronghold Underfloor Locking Kit and here to buy a Forest Security Alarm Padlock.

5’ x 2’ 4-Tier Bolted Galvanised Shelving Unit containing a bucket and tins of paint


5. Tidy Shed


A tidy shed is not a nicety - it’s a necessity. Old cardboard boxes and useless bric-a-brac are a home to mice, who like nothing more than to nibble on your new garden furniture. Brace yourself, be brave and discard anything that is surplus to requirements. Rationalise half-empty pots of paint, place hand tools on hook and invest in some new shelving.

There you have it. Following Shedstore’s 5-point Shed MOT, your garden shed will be perfectly equipped to see you through until the start of the next glorious summer.

the 4’ x 7’10 Duramax SideMate Plastic Shed, door open revealing neatly stacked tools

10’ x 8’ Forest Overlap Apex Pressure Treated Wooden Shed – Double Doors open, showing tools on shelves

8’ x 6’ Yardmaster Silver Metal Shed with doors open, showing neatly stacked tools

Of course, if that old, wooden shed is beyond repair, you’re in the perfect place to purchase a new one. Simply click here to view Shedstore’s fantastic range of garden sheds for sale.


Main image: 6' x 10' Palram Amber SkyLight Plastic Shed