Five weirdest things ever found in garden sheds

Garden sheds usually play home to a variety of garden tools and equipment, but these people have stored some very interesting items in their’s, some without even knowing it!  We tracked down some of the best things that people have found in their sheds and put them into a fun list for you to check out.

So without further ado, we start our list off with:

Weirdest thing to find in a shed number 5: A 10ft Church Organ

Alison Malcolm went out of her way to protect her 10ft tall Victorian Church Organ by building a shed especially for it. The shed cost Alison approximately £20,000 including the soundproofing she added so that the 424-pipe organ’s noise would be confined to the shed. Alison has owned this organ for around 20 years now, having originally paid £500 for it, and loves it as much today as she did when she bought it. Alison also reckons that the music she plays on it makes her hens lay more eggs because they also enjoy the beautiful music it creates.


Weirdest thing to find in a shed number 4: A 3ft Corn Snake

This 3ft corn snake was spotted underneath a dismantled garden shed in Scotland, after supposedly escaping from its owner. The snake, named Wilma by the Scottish SPCA, was in good condition when the authorities found her and they actively sought out her owner to ensure a safe return home. It can only be assumed that Wilma decided to seek shelter underneath the dismantled shed, using it as protection against the weather and other animals.

We often wonder what sort of hidden treasures are beneath our sheds (standing or dismantled) then again, if it is a 3ft corn snake, we’d probably rather not know.

Weirdest thing to find in a shed number 3: Lost Three Stooges Film

The 17 minute short film called ‘Hello, Pop!’ was thought to be lost in a fire during 1967 having been made for MGM 34 years earlier. Malcolm smith, a film collector, found a negative of the film in his shed in Sydney last year and quickly contacted a preservation organisation in the US to try and restore it. This is thought to be the only remaining copy of the film in the world. The negative was successfully restored and the film had its first screening late last year. A truly incredible find, and one that Malcolm will remember for the rest of his life.

Weirdest thing to find in a shed number 2: A 100 year old Porsche

The Egger-Lohner car was built in 1898 by the founder of Porsche – Ferdinand Porsche. As Ferdinand’s first creation, it would probably surprise most to find out this car was electric. However more surprisingly the car had, until recently, been residing in a remote shed in Austria! The car had been hidden away since 1902 and was unveiled at the start of this year, spending a total of 111 years locked away before being found last year. The Porsche, nicknamed the P1 (Porsche Number One) had a top speed of 21mph and won a race in 1899 where competitors had to drive 24 miles with three passengers on board – nothing like the races we see on the tele today. At 21mph it is 10 times slower than the Porsche 918 Spyder that is around today. However, rolling slowly out of that shed, was a car collector’s dream and one that will now be displayed in the Porsche Museum of car manufacturer.


Weirdest thing to find in a shed number 1: A SUPERNOVA!

Coming in at first place, an astronomical discovery, Dave Grennan found a supernova in his shed. Dave is an avid astronomer who managed to build his own telescope and adjust his shed so that the roof slid forwards opening up the entire central area to look up to the stars from. One night while he was stargazing, Dave came across an incredible discovery – a 170 million-year-old dying sun, approximately 100 times the size of our own. This wasn’t the first discovery Dave had ever made though. From the same spot in his shed Dave has discovered three supernovae over four years, a remarkable number for an area of Ireland that doesn’t have very many clear nights per month. We can’t wait to see what else Dave might come across in the future, and we absolutely love the sliding roof on his shed.



So now you have seen the 5 weirdest things ever to have been discovered in a shed, it is your turn. What do you put in your shed? Do you need help to organise it so that you don’t come across a 3ft corn snake? Or maybe you need to jig things around a bit to put one of your prized possessions in there? Take a look at our shed selector and add the bits and pieces you would put in your shed. We have designed it so that you can easily see what you can fit in a shed and whether you may need to have a larger shed depending on what you want to store in there. Plus, we are giving you a great opportunity to get stuck in there and see if you can discover the long-lost ‘London After Midnight’ silent thriller that was thought to be lost in the 1967 fire along with ‘Hello, Pop!’. Happy hunting, happy storing!


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