8' x 6' Forest Shiplap Dip Treated Pent Wooden Shed

In our last shed-themed blog, we looked at the huge new range of Forest wooden sheds now available at Shedstore. This time out, we’d like to tell you about one particular line of these sheds – Forest’s Better Shed range of shiplap sheds.

Why Shiplap Sheds are Better Sheds

The reason we want to focus on these shiplap sheds is that they strike the perfect balance between price and quality, making them a great choice of shed for most of our customers. So, let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons why these Forest sheds are known as Better Sheds, and why one of them could be the perfect garden shed for you…

1. Shiplap Shed Cladding

an 8x6 shiplap shed with double doors and 2 windowsan 8x6 shiplap shed with double doors and 2 windows
You can get £190 off* the 8' x 6' Forest Shiplap Dip Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed (2.4m x 1.89m) if you shop now!

Forest’s range of Better Sheds are all built in the UK from 12mm shiplap cladding, so their walls are far thicker and better insulated than those found on standard wooden sheds.

Shiplap is constructed using interlocking tongue and groove boards, which also results in greater strength and resistance to warping. Together with its scalloped profile, this ensures a shiplap shed provides excellent rainwater runoff and is supremely weathertight.

Wherever wall panels join together, Forest’s shiplap sheds are fitted with cover strips too, further improving their strength, durability and weatherproof qualities. This is just one of the reasons why this range of sheds are called Better Sheds.

2. Stylish Shiplap Sheds

a 12x8 shiplap shed with double doors and 6 windowsa 12x8 shiplap shed with double doors and 6 windows
There's an incredible £560 off* the 12' x 8' Forest Shiplap Dip Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed (3.61m x 2.61m) if you buy it now!

The other main benefit of shiplap cladding is its aesthetic appeal. There’s no getting away from it, those tightly interlocking tongue and groove boards look far more stylish than overlap sheds.

Add in Forest’s typical attention to detail, including diamond-shaped finials on apex models, and you’ve got to say that the Better Shed range of sheds are right up there amongst our most stylish sheds.

What’s more, because you’ll be retreating them every year with a high-quality wood preservative, Better Sheds will actually improve with age. Rot will never be an issue and the wood will develop a beautiful golden-brown hue.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at the sheds featured in this article and you’ll see why Better Sheds equal more stylish sheds.

3. Modular Shed Design

a 10x6 pent shiplap shed without windowsa 10x6 pent shiplap shed without windows
A smart modular design is one of the reasons why the 10' x 6' Forest Shiplap Dip Treated Windowless Pent Wooden Shed (3.1m x 2.04m) makes a Better Shed.

Better Sheds’ modular design means that they’re delivered to you in smaller sections of interchangeable panels. This makes them easier to assemble than other wooden sheds – in fact, they’re probably the easiest-to-assemble sheds on the market.

This modular design has other major benefits too. Firstly, it allows you greater versatility when choosing door and window placements. When you buy a Better Shed, the shed’s layout isn’t set in stone – no, far from it. You can install single doors in a variety of positions, with a left or right-hand opening, and position the windows to suit the orientation of your garden.

Secondly, the Better Sheds’ smart modular design results in far more extensive shed framing, resulting in a much stronger structure than other wooden sheds.

4. Shiplap Sheds with Premium Features

a 6x4 reverse apex shiplap shed with 2 windowsa 6x4 reverse apex shiplap shed with 2 windows
The 6' x 4' Forest Shiplap Dip Treated Reverse Apex Wooden Shed (1.88m x 1.34m) offers you premium garden storage at a price you can easily afford.

Better Sheds are packed with premium features, which is remarkable considering their competitive price tags.

This premium build starts with the floor, which is made from 14mm pressure-treated timber – making it about 40% thicker than most wooden shed floors. Pressure-treated bearers aid good air circulation in this key area, providing another layer of protection against rot-causing ground moisture. So, if you need a shed floor to accommodate heavier stored items or cope with constant footfall, a Better Shed floor will fit the bill perfectly.

Better Shed roofs are premium too. All of them include a weatherproof felt cover to keep the interior dry, while larger apex models are fitted with metal truss brackets for enhanced strength and solidity.

And when it comes to security, a Forest shiplap shed will never let you down. The ledged and braced doors feature tamper-proof hidden hinges and a hasp and staple plate, so you can rest assured that your valuable tools are safe from unwanted attention (padlock not included). The windows are never a weak spot either. Made from PET glazing, they are completely shatterproof and far more secure than conventional glass.

Throw in FSC®-certified wood and a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, and you can see how Better Sheds justify their name.

5. Exceptional Choice of Shed Sizes and Designs

an 8x6 shiplap potting shedan 8x6 shiplap potting shed
The 8' x 6' Forest Shiplap Potting Shed (1.8m x 2.4m) is the perfect shiplap shed for keen gardeners.

Whether you’re after a small 4x3 shed for your favourite gardening tools or a huge 20x10 shed to store every bit of outdoor equipment you own, there’s a Forest Better Shed waiting for you.

Apex, lean-to, pent and reverse apex roof styles are all available, in a variety of sizes and with different door/ window options. The Better Shed range of shiplap sheds also includes sheds suitable for use as garden workshops, along with a specialist potting shed.

In fact, with an incredible range of 33 shiplap sheds to choose from, there’s sure to be a Better Shed that’s perfect for you.

Our Brilliant Better Shed Offer!

a 6x3 shiplap lean to sheda 6x3 shiplap lean to shed
Once you've bought the 6' x 3' Forest Shiplap Dip Treated Pent Wooden Shed (1.83m x 1.09m), you'll own a much Better Shed than you had before.

As you can see, these shiplap sheds really do sell themselves but, to make them even more tempting for you, we’re now offering up to 35% off their usual prices PLUS a FREE Keysafe (worth £39.99) with every shed. Wow!

Shop Forest shiplap sheds now to ensure you buy a much Better Shed than you owned before.

(*Prices as at 15/03/23)