Top 5 Uses for Corner Sheds

A corner shed makes full use of those awkward spots in the garden and can, with a little creativity and imagination, be much more than a simple shed.

Running power to a shed opens up a lot of possibilities. Lighting will help you use the shed beyond the hours of daylight and can convert a shed, with a little insulation, into anything from a home office to a back-garden pub. We look at some different ideas to help you make the most of your shed this year.

Relaxation Space

10x10 Alpine Aspen Log Cabincushions, plants and books on a sofa

A corner shed is the ideal structure to convert into a relaxation room. After a hard day weeding and digging in the garden, you deserve the chance and place to sit down, put your feet up and admire your hard work. Choose a shed with plenty of windows so you get the best views and maybe install a few blinds just in case you fancy a snooze in the afternoon sun.

Home Gym

7x7 Shire Shiplap Corner Sheda man lifting a barbell

Another option for your corner shed is kitting it out for your own home gym (check for sturdy floors just in case you drop the kettle bells). No more excuses about not wanting to drive all the way to the gym!


6'8 x 6'8 Forest Champion Heavy Duty Corner Shed

books on a bookcase

The peace and tranquillity in your garden can be utilised to great effect by converting your corner shed into mini library. Books are beautiful but can clutter up a house. Shelving, lighting, an old comfy chair and you'll never want to leave your own reading room. And no television noise in the background.

Home Cinema

8x8 Shire Pressure Treated Corner Shed

a man playing a video game

Unless you do want to convert your shed into a mini cinema or television lounge! Power is obviously essential but so is security if you are planning on including televisions and computers in your corner shed. Always have a qualified electrician to connect your shed and ensure all safety procedures are strictly adhered to. And that security – do alarm your corner shed conversion, obviously lock it in accordance with your insurance company policy and do tell that company what you have in the shed. Added security lighting is vital.

Art Studio

Art Studio in a Shed8x8 Shire Barclay Corner Summerhouse

Create your own art studio. It will still need a sturdy floor and it's a good move to check out the natural light. Always check out the head space before embarking on any project to prevent disappointment or injury.


You could, of course, use your corner shed to store your gardening bits and bobs in. Furniture and accompanying cushions are bulky, often clutter up a workaday shed or even worse, result in dragging things from a distant garage or house. Fancy that – a shed used to store things in. How quaint! It'll never catch on.