The Best Security Sheds

What Makes a Shed a Security Shed?

Some sheds are expressly designed and marketed as security sheds, while others offer excellent levels of security as part of an all-round high-quality build.

If you want an exceptionally secure shed, some of the features you should look for are a robust structure, a strong lock or padlock fixing, an absence of accessible windows, security bolts and hidden hinges.

This list is by no means exhaustive and different manufacturers frequently develop new ways of ensuring their sheds offer high levels of security.

These are 5 of our favourite market-leading security sheds. Read on to find out why…

5 Top Security Sheds

A wooden security shed with a pent roof and 4 small, high-level windows

7’x5’ Traditional Pent Security Wooden Garden Shed

Built from 12mm tongue and groove cladding, on a robust 38mm x 50mm frame, this security shed is impeccably designed and built to last.

The floor and roof are also made from premium tongue and groove, the latter including a felt covering to keep out the rain. 

The fully-framed single door is ledged, braced, includes zinc fittings and has a security-bolted padlock protector, which will make theives think twice.

The strip of small windows provides natural light but, as it is placed high on the structure, will never compromise security.

This particular security shed comes in a range of sizes, from 6’x4’ to 12’x8’. A variety of optional upgrades can be purchased too.

A large, green, metal shed, doors open to reveal a ride-on mower

10’x13’ Yardmaster Metal Shed

Constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel, with a unique 7 layers of protection and a 15-year anti-rust guarantee, this metal shed just oozes strength.

A traditional apex roof and baked-on green paint finish ensure it doesn’t just boast brawn, but beauty too.

For security, this shed is designed without windows to discourage unwanted attention.

However, if anybody, bar the keyholder, does attempt to gain entry, the padlockable double doors are fitted with anti-tamper bolts.

Available in a range of sizes, from 6’x4’ to 10’x13’, and with or without a floor support kit, it’s easy to see why this metal garden shed is so popular.

A grey, plastic shed with a skylight roof and a door open to reveal garden equipment

6’x8’ Palram Grey Skylight Plastic Shed

Whoever says that plastic sheds can’t be security sheds clearly hasn’t seen this one.

Although it resembles a regular plastic shed when flat-packed, upon assembly it is virtually indestructible.  

Constructed from high-impact polycarbonate panels, supported by a reinforced aluminium frame, this security shed will never rot nor rust, so there’s no chance of any weak points developing over time.

Backed by a 10-year guarantee, this tough plastic shed also features skylight panels to facilitate natural light without compromising security, as well as unbreakable double doors with a secure padlock fixing.

We stock models in amber and grey, as well as in sizes ranging from 6’x3’ to 8’x20’.

An anthracite-grey, wooden security shed with a pent roof

8’x8’ Rowlinson Anthracite Wooden Pent Security Shed

Combining a high-security build with a stylish, modern design, this wooden shed is an absolutely top-class garden storage facility.

Constructed from 19mm tongue and groove cladding, on a solid 54mm x 54mm frame, it is as tough as wooden sheds come.

The integral floor and pent roof are also built from superior 19mm tongue and groove, the latter including a felt covering to ensure weatherproof protection.

The double doors can be secured by lock and key, while the high-level windows are positioned to discourage prying eyes.

These windows are made from plexiglass, which is virtually unbreakable and far safer than conventional glazing.

A green, metal security shed with its double doors open to reveal a motorbike and lawnmower

5’x7’ Asgard Centurion Police Approved Security Metal Shed

There are security sheds and then there are MAXIMUM SECURITY sheds, and this particular model is unquestionably up there with the very best.

This metal shed is approved by the police, insurance companies, the UK Locksmiths Association and the Loss Prevention Certification Board for its outstanding level of security.

In fact, storing a motorbike in an Asgard shed can result in lower insurance premiums.

The galvanised steel panels are reinforced by thick box sections on and around the double doors, in order to prevent forced entry, while an unbeatable 3-point locking system includes bars that secure the top and bottom areas of the doors.

Nobody breaks into an Asgard metal shed.

Security Sheds for Sale

A wooden security shed with an apex roof and high-level windows

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