Shedstore supports CarFest 2016

Shedstore sponsors CarFest 2016

Shedstore were delighted to support BBC’s CarFest for Children in need by donating fifteen sheds to their ShedFest competition. Fifteen lucky families were given the chance to go head-to-head as they raced to create their very own ‘dream shed’ during the 3 days of the festival. They had the ideas, we had the sheds, and Chris Evans and his team chose a winner!

CarFest South took place during the August Bank Holiday weekend at the lovely Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire and we were lucky enough to bag tickets to check out the amazing shed transformations on Sunday. The weather was a bit dull but that certainly didn’t affect any of the excitement or dampen any spirits. We made our way straight to ShedFest to check out the family’s efforts.

Here's a few of our favourite shed transformations...

Pudsey's fun shed

The first shed which we spotted was hard to miss - bright yellow balloons adorning the roof and Pudsey bear ears. We had found Pudsey's fun shed! The Dudsbury family turned their shed into a fun shed filled with activities for children. Inside there was a ball and sand pit, costumes and tons of games for the kids. A great family-friendly fun shed!

The Tropical Bar

Next up was a shed which is certain to transport you to far away lands with a cocktail in your hand - the tropical bar. Painted in bright colours and with a pirate serving lethal rum based cocktails, this is a gorgeous transformation which makes us wish we were sunning it up in the Caribbean!

The Nautical Beach Hut

We met a lovely couple who had spent a lot of time bringing the seaside to CarFest. Sea-La-Vie is a beautiful beach hut designed shed complete with hammock and sandcastles. There is so much detail in this design, from all the seaside nick-nacks to the little origami newspaper boats sailing across the threshold. Beach Hut-inspired sheds are already a huge trend and we see a lot of of our customers creating their very own beach hut in their back garden - but this is most definitely the ultimate nautical beach hut.

 'Eee by Gum'

Next we found a shed transformation which was giving back to Children in need. 'Eee by gum''s mission statement read "Our shed will sum up CarFest, charity and the Children in Need spirit. It won't cost us a penny and we'll use it to raise as much money as possible with our cunning tactics and Yorkshire charm" And this they did...

This shed was buzzing with activity as there were many fun things for visitors to participate in such as raffles, drawing spots on Pudsey's bandanna and kids activity sheets.  They managed to raise almost £300 from this shed which was donated to Children in Need. This truly was a great shed transformation with an even better purpose, and it was great to see one of our sheds being part of such a wonderful purpose.

The She Shed - Crafting Shed

Wow, this is the ultimate crafter's heaven! This family turned their shed into a cosy space filled with everything needed to get crafting. Painted a lovely shade of red and adorned with homemade bunting, inside was just as exciting... With a book area, sewing spot and even a space for a cheeky drink, this shed is a beautiful creation filled with all the essentials to get creative.

 'Up' Shed

If you're familiar with Disney's 'Up' movie, then you will instantly recognise this shed as being inspired by the trademark flying house. This shed transformation was full of impact and shows how the humble garden shed can be transformed into something from our wildest dreams!

Inside, the shed was decorated with wallpaper which gave a real cosy feeling and made you forget you were in a wooden structure! A table filled with tasty looking strawberries and a little reading nook, this stunning shed really shows how fairytales can come to life...

And the winner is...

It must have been a tough decision for Chris Evans and the team, (we certainly didn't envy them) but we were thrilled to see that the Harre family took home the trophy as their shed was voted as the favourite...

They created 'Poppets Palace' as a home for their pet rabbit - complete with removable hutch on the rear, ramps for exploration and exercise and hidden treats inside. The exterior is beautifully painted with a mural on the back as well as a bunny rabbit on one side and a cheeky fluffy tail on the other.

The boys were filled with enthusiasm as they told us all about their shed design and it sounds like Poppet will absolutely love her new outdoor home - that's one very lucky rabbit!

All of the families who took part in ShedFest did an amazing job; they all came up with unique ideas to turn the humble garden shed into an exciting getaway for the whole family. There was a shed load of work (excuse the pun) which was put into designing and transforming these sheds and we are in awe at all the hard work which the families put into them. They were all truly inspirational creations which have inspired us here at Shedstore and we can’t wait to get the saw and paintbrush out and start transforming some sheds!

We would like to thank CarFest for such a fantastic day and to everyone who worked hard to turn ShedFest into a massive success. See you next year!

The sheds which the families transformed is the 8x6 Apex double door pressure treated shed