Log Stores: Efficient, Economical and Essential to Keep the Fire Burning

All four seasons conjure up their own unique pictures and winter is certainly no exception. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, the prospect of snuggling up indoors, cosily protected from the unforgiving weather, is very appealing. On this theme, one particular image that will crop up in most people’s minds is that of the log fire. However, anyone fortunate enough to own one can’t just turn on a switch at the mains and warm themselves. Heating logs requires careful preparation and, whether using an open fire or wood burning stove, one of the most important considerations is to make sure that the logs are dry. The simplest way to achieve this is to purchase a high quality log store.

6' x 2' Store-Plus Large Log Store including Firewood Pack


6' x 2' Store-Plus Large Wall Log Store

6' x 2' Store-Plus Lage Log Store Tool Shed

Coming in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes, from small wooden log stores to extra-large metal log stores, choice should be guided by the amount of wood burnt, the proximity of the store to the house, and the taste of the owner. A small wooden store is particularly handy to have next to the back door, removing the need to traipse across the garden to refuel the fire. For heavier log users, a larger, back-up store can be placed further away from the house: south-facing, to catch the sun, and with plenty of room for air to circulate around the logs. Constructed from slatted wood, most log stores’ roofs have a sloping design, which makes them extremely attractive, but, whatever their appearance, the principle is always the same: they are designed to keep logs dry, through aeration and by shielding them from the rain.

6' x 2' Store More Emerald Metal Woodstore

5' x 2' Alpine Log Store

7' x 3' Xtra Large Easy Access Sherwood Log Store

To burn effectively, logs should be cut and stored to dry by December at the latest, for use the following winter. This is because freshly harvested wood contains at least 60% water and ‘seasoning’ (removing the water) usually takes over a year. The drying process requires the logs to be kept off the ground, protected from the rain, and stacked with room for air to circulate around them. Even when purchasing seasoned, kiln-dried logs for immediate use, they still need to be stored considerately, and that means in a log store.

4' x 3' Easy Access Sherwood Log Store

3' x 3' Windsor Single Log Store

4' x 2' Store-Plus Log Store

The benefits of dry logs are enormous. Firstly, they will heat quicker, making for an efficient fire and providing immediate comfort and warmth. Furthermore, they will produce a lot more heat. In fact, up to 50% of potential heat is wasted by using logs that haven’t been satisfactorily dried. This makes dry logs more economical and, let’s face it, everyone enjoys saving money. More heat also means less smoke, preventing that unsightly smouldering look, which occurs when there is too much moisture. More importantly, it lessens the likelihood of the flue clogging with soot, reducing the risk of fire hazards.

So, before relaxing back in front of the fire, why not consider how to maximise its performance and think about the many benefits provided by properly dried logs stored in log stores? There’s no need to waste time making a special journey, simply take a moment to browse Shedstore’s fantastic range of log stores and purchase a suitable home for those trusty logs who want nothing more than to keep the fire burning.

Author: James Laidler