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Explore our exciting selection of innovative garden screening ideas to transform your outdoor space into a secluded and tranquil haven. Discover the charm of bamboo screening, the natural beauty of hedging plants, and the artistic allure of living walls. From lattice panels to outdoor curtains, we present creative garden privacy ideas while adding elegance to your garden. Delve into the common dilemma of choosing a trellis vs fence and unveil the art of garden partitions to find the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics in your outdoor oasis. Read on to learn more as we explore garden screening ideas including using privacy plants.

Exploring garden privacy ideas

Discover a range of garden privacy ideas that transform your outdoor space into a secluded and tranquil retreat, shielding it from prying eyes and creating a peaceful sanctuary.

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1) Bamboo screening

Opt for bamboo screening to add a touch of exotic elegance and conceal your garden from neighbours, providing a tropical ambience and visual barrier.

2)    Hedging plants

Use hedging plants like boxwood or privet to form a living fence, providing year-round privacy and a lush, green backdrop.

3)    Lattice panels

Add charm and privacy with lattice panels, allowing climbing plants to intertwine and form a decorative living wall.

4)    Living wall

Install a vertical garden or living wall with a variety of plants and succulents, creating a unique and artistic privacy partition.

5)    Outdoor curtains

Install outdoor curtains on a pergola or gazebo for a touch of elegance and privacy, while also protecting from the sun and wind.

6)    Pergola with canopy

Create an inviting privacy spot with a pergola with canopy draped in fabric or climbing plants, offering shade, seclusion, and a sense of intimacy

Close-Up of Forest Slatted Tall Wall Planter that shows a potted plant on a wooden shelf - Click HERE to View ProductClose-Up of Forest Slatted Tall Wall Planter that shows a potted plant on a wooden shelf - Click HERE to View Product

7)    Privacy fencing

Consider installing privacy fencing made from wood, vinyl, or composite materials for a classic and sturdy solution that offers seclusion and security.

8) Privacy trellis and vine screen

Enhance privacy with a trellis and vine screen, where climbing plants like jasmine or clematis create a natural, green partition while adding beauty and fragrance to your garden

9)    Shade sail

Utilise a shade sail in vibrant colours to add a modern touch to your garden while offering shade and privacy in open outdoor areas.

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10)    Tall planters with tall grasses

Use tall planters filled with ornamental grasses to establish a natural and contemporary privacy screen, blending style and functionality.

11)    Tall trees

Plant tall trees like evergreens or bamboo to create a natural and sustainable privacy barrier that also contributes to a greener environment.

12)    Water feature screen

Incorporate a water feature like a fountain or waterfall to create a pleasant and tranquil distraction, drawing attention away from prying eyes

Trellis vs fence: A comprehensive comparison

The choice between trellis vs fence for garden screening and privacy has been an age-old debate among gardeners. There is no definitive right answer, as many gardeners appreciate both trellis and fencing for their unique qualities. Some may prefer the charm and versatility of privacy trellis, while others opt for the sturdiness and security of fencing.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, and it depends on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your garden. This is not always an easy decision, so the features table below for trellis vs fence should help!

Here is the comprehensive feature comparison between trellis and fencing, listed in alphabetical order:








Provides an aesthetically pleasing look and complements garden themes

Adds a classic and formal appearance to the property


Climbing plant suitability

Perfect for training plants and vines to grow vertically

Limited in supporting climbing plants, which may damage the fence structure


Climbing plant support

Ideal for supporting climbing plants such as vines and flowers

Not suitable for supporting climbing plants, but may be used to hang decorative items


Combination with fencing

Combined with fencing for a unique and stylish look

Pair with a trellis to add charm and greenery to the fencing



Generally lower in cost compared to fencing materials

Are more expensive depending on the material and style chosen



Easier to customise and modify, allowing for unique designs

Limited flexibility in customisation, standard designs are common


Decorative appeal

Adds decorative appeal to the garden

Provides a strong and structured appearance, often in various styles and designs


Garden feature

Use as a garden focal point or to create visual interest

Primarily serves as a property boundary and provides security


Garden partition

Use to create garden partitions and separate different areas

Creates a clear property boundary, defining the limits of the property


Garden size

Great for smaller garden areas or as decorative dividers

Suitable for larger garden spaces and property perimeters


Garden view beyond

Easily allows a view of the garden beyond the trellis structure

Blocks the view from outside, providing privacy



Requires careful installation to ensure stability and proper support

Sturdy installation is essential for durability and security


Light and air passage

Allows air and light to pass through, creating a more open and airy feeling

Blocks visibility and light, providing a more enclosed space


Lighting enhancement

Enhance with lighting to create a magical ambience

Offers a blank canvas for garden decor and lighting options



Requires regular maintenance, such as pruning and painting

Lower maintenance requirements, occasional cleaning, and repairs


Material options

Often made from wood or metal, with various design options

Available in various materials, including wood, vinyl, metal, and more


Plant support strength

Supports lightweight plants and climbers

Suitable for growing heavier plants and creates a barrier to deter animals


Privacy level

Offers partial privacy, with some visibility through the open framework

Provides complete privacy and blocks the view from outside


Sense of enclosure

Provides a sense of openness and connection to the surroundings

Offers a sense of enclosure and security, creating a private space



Requires additional structures for security purposes

Offers a secure boundary, discouraging intruders and keeping pets inside



Versatile in various garden styles and useable as a garden feature

Available in various materials and styles, suitable for different property types


Vines and flower support

Provides a sturdy structure for vines and climbing flowers to grow

Does not support climbing plants, but may be adorned with decorative elements



Usually lighter in weight, making it easier to handle and install

Heavier and more stable, providing better structural integrity


Windbreak effect

Less effective as a windbreak, as it has an open framework

Provides a solid windbreak, offering more protection from strong winds

Please note that the features listed above are general characteristics that you should find useful when choosing a trellis vs fence, but they may vary depending on the specific type and design of trellis or fencing chosen for your garden. It is essential to consider your garden's requirements and your preferences before deciding.

Innovative garden screening ideas

Transform your outdoor space into a private and enchanting sanctuary with innovative garden screening ideas. Whether you desire a lush green wall of hedging or the contemporary elegance of laser-cut metal screens, there are numerous creative options to suit your style and needs. Seven ideas are listed below:

1) Living wall hedging - create a stunning living wall using hedging plants to add greenery and privacy to your garden. Hedging plants can be trained and shaped, providing an elegant and natural screen that evolves over time

2) Bamboo screening - use bamboo screening for a contemporary and eco-friendly solution. Bamboo offers a versatile and sustainable option, adding texture and a tropical feel to your outdoor space

A photo of a pair of Forest Wooden Garden Living Wall Planter - Click HERE to View ProductA photo of a pair of Forest Wooden Garden Living Wall Planter - Click HERE to View Product

3) Vertical garden panels - install modular vertical garden panels to bring a touch of nature to your garden while also acting as a privacy screen. These panels allow for customisation with various plant choices, adding colour and life to your surroundings

4) Climbing plants on a trellis - embrace the charm of climbing plants on trellis structures. These natural screens not only provide privacy but also offer a beautiful display of flowers and foliage

5) Laser-cut metal screens - opt for intricately designed laser-cut metal screens for a contemporary and artistic approach to garden screening. These screens add a touch of sophistication while creating a sense of privacy

6) Willow hurdle fencing - choose willow hurdle fencing for a rustic and eco-friendly option. These woven willow panels offer a natural and visually appealing screen for your garden

7) Privacy pergola - create a pergola with climbing plants to provide both shade and privacy. The pergola's structure can be adorned with vines and creepers, offering a romantic and secluded garden retreat

Wooden Trellis PanelsWooden Trellis Panels
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Bamboo screening benefits

Bamboo screening offers several benefits as a garden privacy solution and was on our list above of innovative garden screening ideas. Firstly, bamboo is a fast-growing plant, making it an ideal choice for quickly establishing a privacy screen.

Additionally, bamboo provides a natural and attractive aesthetic, adding a touch of tropical or Asian-inspired elegance to outdoor spaces. Bamboo screening is also a good windbreak, reducing the impact of strong winds and creating a more comfortable environment. Its versatility and eco-friendly nature make it a popular option for gardeners seeking a unique and sustainable privacy solution.

Hedging plants for privacy

Hedging plants are excellent for creating a natural and visually appealing privacy screen in the UK. Their dense foliage, height, and year-round coverage make them ideal for shielding gardens from prying eyes. With the ability to grow into thick and lush barriers, hedging plants provide privacy and seclusion, enhancing the tranquillity of outdoor spaces.

Hedging plants, which are ideal for use as privacy screens in the UK include beech, boxwood, cherry laurel, escallonia, griselinia, hawthorn, holly, hornbeam, leylandii, photinia, Portuguese laurel, privet, red robin, thuja, western red cedar, and yew.

Is it possible to design with a privacy trellis?

Yes, certainly – privacy screens using climbing plants are perfect to support decorative elements such as hanging planters. By carefully selecting the right privacy trellis design and plant species, gardeners can customise their privacy screens to suit their aesthetic preferences and the specific needs of their garden. Whether it is a small urban patio or a larger back garden, privacy trellises add both functionality and beauty, making them a popular choice for garden screening.

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Creative garden wall ideas

Are you looking to add a touch of creativity to your outdoor space? Consider incorporating some innovative garden wall ideas to enhance both privacy and aesthetics. While we previously mentioned living walls in our garden privacy and screening ideas, they deserve a special mention here for their creative appeal!

Here are seven more creative garden wall ideas to explore:

  1. Climbing plant trellis - install a privacy trellis on a garden wall and let climbing plants like jasmine or clematis create a natural and enchanting green screen
  2. Garden mirror wall - install mirrors on a garden wall to create an illusion of more space and reflect natural light throughout the area
  3. Mosaic wall art - transform a plain garden wall into a vibrant mosaic masterpiece, adding a burst of colour and artistic flair to your outdoor area
  4. Outdoor chalkboard wall - turn a section of your garden wall into an outdoor chalkboard for a fun and interactive space where kids and adults can express their creativity
  5. Recycled pallet wall - upcycle wooden pallets to construct a rustic and eco-friendly garden wall, perfect for showcasing potted plants or decorative items
  6. Vertical herb garden - create a practical and visually appealing herb garden on a vertical wall, bringing fresh herbs right to your fingertips
  7. Vertical succulent garden - arrange various succulent plants on a vertical wall to create a stunning living display that requires minimal maintenance

Privacy plants: What to grow

Privacy plants play a vital role in creating secluded and serene outdoor spaces. These green screens offer an eco-friendly and visually appealing solution to enhance privacy in gardens, patios, and other outdoor areas.

Privacy plants suitable for the UK include aucuba, berberis, cotoneaster, dogwood, fuchsia, gorse, hebe, jasmine, lavender, mahonia, nandina, oleander, pyracantha, rhododendron, and viburnum. These privacy plants, when carefully chosen and properly maintained, provide a lush and green barrier, ensuring your outdoor space remains a private sanctuary.

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The art of garden partitions

This is the creative and strategic use of various elements, such as trellises, fences, bamboo screening, hedging plants, and more, to create privacy and define spaces within a garden or outdoor area. Many landscape gardeners specialise in this field, but with careful selection and arrangement of these elements, this could all be managed by a creative gardener.

Choose your desired level of privacy and visual appeal while maintaining a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. The art lies in finding the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics, and the overall design of the garden, transforming it into a secluded and beautiful sanctuary.


Our garden screening and garden privacy ideas offer a myriad of creative solutions to transform outdoor spaces into serene and secluded retreats. From the charm of trellises to the sturdiness of fencing, each option brings unique qualities to enhance privacy and aesthetics.

Hedging plants and bamboo screening provide natural and visually appealing green screens, while innovative ideas like living walls and garden mirrors add artistic flair to garden partitions. By carefully selecting the right elements and considering individual preferences, gardeners achieve a harmonious balance of functionality and beauty, creating inviting green sanctuaries that shield them from prying eyes and provide a peaceful escape within the bustling outdoors.

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