Optimise your shed with these storage ideas

Installing a shed is only part of getting the best from your garden. Making full use of all available space within the shed is of paramount importance. Hooks will keep bulky, unwieldy items off the floor and make use of wall space. Shelving, pegboards for tools and any sets of drawers all help keep gardening items neatly stacked away. Keep hand tools and anything you use on a daily or weekly basis to hand. Less used items can be stored in corners and hard to reach spots. And only store what you use. Don’t let your shed become a dumping ground for rubbish or a museum to old paint pots. Keep it pristine and clean with some of these great shed storage ideas.

Shed Shelving Units

Every shed needs a few sturdy shelves to help support the weight of bags of compost, tools, and seed trays. Free-standing and easy to assemble, our shelving units are versatile pieces of kit.Here are two of our most popular units (click on the images to find out more):

a simple 3 tiered black shelving unit

3 Tiered Black Shelving Unit (£39.99*)

  • Easy assembly - simply bolt the pieces together
  • Boasts 30kg shelf storage allowance
  • Constructed using high-quality galvanised steel
  • Designed to allow shelf positions to be configured as needed

a half cupboard half shelving unit packed with gardening paraphernalia - a great shed storage idea

Globel Half-Cupboard Half-Storage Unit (£119.99*)

  • Features a superb 10 year guarantee
  • Constructed using powder coated steel frames
  • Boasts a sophisticated keyhole locking system
  • Easy to assemble - no prior DIY experience necessary

Shed Hooks

Shed storage doesn't have to be boring! Here are some innovative, creatively-designed shed hooks perfect for adding a little bit of rustic charm to a solemn garden building. Not compromising on quality though, cast iron shed hooks will happily support your heaviest tools for years to come.

5 cast iron coat/tool hooks in the shape of birds against a wooden background

Vintage Cast Iron Bird Hooks

  • Boasts an impressive 12 month guarantee
  • Makes a perfect gift for gardening lovers
  • Features two pre-made holes for easy attachment
  • Constructed using robust, heavy-duty cast iron

6 cast iron coat/tool hooks in the shape of a rake against a wooden background

Vintage Cast Iron Rake Hooks

  • Boasts an impressive 12 month guarantee
  • Makes a perfect gift for gardening lovers
  • Features four pre-made holes for easy attachment
  • Constructed using robust, heavy-duty cast iron

Tins & Trugs

For fiddly little things, shelves and hooks just won't do; seed packets are every so easy to misplace. For storing your little garden sundries, we'd recommend tins and trugs instead.

a grey storage tin with the tagline 'seeds and stuff

Seeds & Stuff Storage Tin

  • Includes a handy flip top for easy access
  • Designed to be compact and hardwearing
  • Features amusing 'seeds and stuff' tagline, beautifully written
  • Constructed to be strong and sturdy

a stylish trug on a table adjacent to some attractive potted plants

Sophie Conran Galvanised Storage Trug

  • Features exquisite beech wood handle
  • Handmade to ensure individuality
  • Designed by interior designer Sophie Conran
  • Created to be versatile - many items can be easily stowed

Get creative...

The above are excellent options; every shed should feature some shelves, hooks, and a tin or two. However, in order to create a truly unique storage system in your shed, you could think a little outside of the box. Why not use trellis to store bamboo canes, cylindrical pieces of wood, or pipes? What about constructing your own corner shelves using plywood, to maximise your available space? Maybe you could use magnetic shelves to store your metal tools? The possibilities truly are endless. Let us know if you've any great ideas - we'd love to hear your suggestions.

If you're a fan of any of our shed storage ideas, why not check out the rest of our shed accessories for even more ideas? Don't forget to get in touch with us for expert advice either - our friendly, UK-based customer service team are always happy to help.

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