A Playhouse to Make Christmas Magical

A Playhouse Is Where Memories Are Made

A playhouse makes a very special Christmas gift for a child. It is somewhere children can learn, socialise, get active and, best of all, have fun.

A wooden playhouse is unique.

It’s a place where memories are made.

A Playhouse Is an Investment Too

a blue playhouse, designed like a Dutch barn, fitted with 5 windows and a door

As a parent, when you buy a wooden Wendy house, there’s no need to worry about it being superseded by the ‘next generation’ of playhouse in just a few years’ time.

That’s because playhouses have a timeless quality that never goes in and out of style.

Once you own a playhouse, it never needs 'upgrading'.

They’re an investment; one that will be enjoyed by your children for years to come and, no doubt, by their children, after that.

Let’s take a look at some wonderful wooden playhouses right now and see how they can make your own child’s Christmas one to remember.

3 Fantastic Children’s Playhouses

6’ x 5’ Windsor Tulip Tower Kids Wooden Playhouse with Slide

a playhouse, built atop of a wooden tower, including a ladder, slide and veranda

This tower playhouse has a marvellous range of features for children to enjoy, as well as some wonderfully intricate detailing.

It is built in the UK from premium 12mm tongue and groove cladding, with a solid sheet floor and roof.

All of the wood sports a beautiful smooth-planed finish too.

A sturdy wooden ladder leads to the playhouse, which is situated atop a wooden tower.

The tower also includes a veranda, enclosed by a balustrade to enhance its safety and appearance alike.

Two large, framed windows, as well as a smaller window on the door, ensure that the playhouse’s interior benefits from an abundance of natural light.

These windows are made from styrene, which is virtually shatterproof and far safer than conventional glass.

To top it all, once tea is called, there’s no need to go to the trouble of climbing back down the ladder – not when there’s a 1.55m long slide to use, instead!

Built to the highest European safety standards and backed by an excellent 10-year anti-rot guarantee, this wooden playhouse with slide will make any child’s Christmas.

6’ x 4’ Shire Command Post Children’s Wooden Garden Playhouse

a wooden playhouse, painted in camouflage colours, with 2 windows, an open door and displaying an American flag

This children’s wooden playhouse is the ideal den for any budding little soldiers and features an intelligent design to maximise their fun.

The walls and floor are both built from premium 12mm tongue and groove cladding, so are supremely durable, whilst the 11mm OSB roof is fitted with a weatherproof felt covering to keep out the rain.

What’s more, the whole structure is supported by a robust 34mm2 frame, providing a real sense of solidity that will easily withstand the rigours of playtime.

Access to this ‘army base’ is gained via a single crawl-entrance doorway, which is fitted with a magnetic safety catch to prevent children getting locked inside, whilst 3 fixed windows provide the interior with plenty of natural light.

They are all made from near-unbreakable styrene, so you can rest assured that they’re both strong and safe.

These 3 windows aren’t the only places with a view, though, because 2 great observation points allow would-be soldiers to spot the ‘enemy’ approaching in the event of an ‘attack’.

This robust garden playhouse meets all the rigorous European safety standards and can be painted to achieve a unique style.  

10’ x 10’ Traditional Swiss Cottage 2 Storey Kids Playhouse with Veranda

a wooden Wendy house with a veranda, balustrades, single door and 4 windows, 2 of them dormer

This luxurious wooden Wendy house is completely constructed from smooth-planed 12mm tongue and groove cladding, which provides unbeatable structural integrity and durability.

Should you desire, the timber can be upgraded to pressure-treated wood, backed by a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

To the front of the playhouse is a 3ft veranda, sheltered by the roof overhang and partly enclosed by attractive balustrades.

Entry to the house is gained via a single door, which is fitted with a beautiful diamond-shaped window, antique-style fittings and a magnetic safety catch.

The interior is spread over two floors, both enjoying an abundance of natural light thanks to 4 Georgian-style windows, 2 of which are dormer.

They are all made from near-unbreakable acrylic, renowned for being far safer than conventional glass.

A wooden ladder leads to the top level, including the large bunk bed, which is perfect for sleepovers.

There’s no danger of rain spoiling the fun, either, for the roof is fitted with a weatherproof felt covering.

Again, this wooden Wendy house completely adheres to European safety standards.

Indeed, its exceptionally safety-conscious design features chamfered edges on the frame, a safety rail on the bunk bed, a hand rail on the ladder, and excellent ventilation throughout.

Wooden Playhouses for Sale

children in a purple wooden Wendy house with 2 rooms

All of our children’s playhouses are built to perfection and meet the highest safety standards, making them the perfect investment for future generations of your family.

Nobody regrets buying a playhouse, so take the first step to giving your children a Christmas to remember by selecting from our fantastic range of wooden Wendy houses for sale.