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We offer a large range of garden shed bases and shed base kits suitable for all types of buildings. Built from pressure-treated timber to plastic shed bases, these provide the ideal foundation to support your garden shed, log cabins or other garden buildings.


Manufactured by ProBASE, our plastic shed bases will not only keep your building level but can also help to prevent flood damage and keep it well-ventilated. These interlocking eco grid bases can be filled with gravel and are the perfect choice for an easy-to-assemble DIY foundation for your garden building.


Our helpful Shed Buying Guide contains a wealth of useful information about buying a shed including Section 7 – “Shed Base Information”. Simply click on the images below and explore our diverse range of top-quality shed bases with free delivery to most UK postcodes on orders over £200.

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5.5 x 4m Log Cabin Base Kit
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
16'4x14'7 (5x4.5m) Pro Shed Base Kit - 90 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
20'x10' (6x3m) Pro Shed Base Kit
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
13'1x19'6 (4x6m) Pro Shed Base Kit - 96 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
20'x12' (6x3.6m) Pro Shed Base Kit
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
4x6m Log Cabin Base Kit
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
18'x14'7 (5.5x4.5m) Pro Shed Base Kit - 99 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
12x20 Plastic Shed Base Kit
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
18' x 13' (5.48m x 3.96m) Probase Log Cabin Base Kit - 108 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 year guarantee
19'6x14'7 (6x4.5m) Pro Shed Base Kit - 108 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
13'1x23' (4x7m) Pro Shed Base Kit - 112 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
4x4 Log Cabin Base Kit
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
4.5x5.5m Log Cabin Base Kit
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
13'1x23' (4x7m) Pro Shed Base Kit - 112 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
18'x18' (5.5x5.5m) Pro Shed Base Kit - 121 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
18'x19'6 (5.5x6m) Pro Shed Base Kit - 132 Squares
2 - 5 Working Days 2 Year Guarantee
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What options of garden shed bases are available for sale?

Broadly there are four main types of garden shed base: concrete, wooden, gravel and plastic shed base kits, these are discussed below.

Plastic shed bases

Note: All of the products currently available on this page are robust interlocking grid-style plastic shed bases from ProBASE. No installation service by us is offered on these bases, but they are by far the easiest option to install with no joinery skills or cement needed.

All Shedstore plastic shed bases are sold in easy-to-assemble kit form. Appearances are deceptive as even though the bases are light, they are also very strong and durable, and provide an efficient foundation for your garden sheds. Gone are the days of traditional concrete slab, timber, or gravel shed foundations; embrace the modern, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly alternative.

These versatile eco bases come as interlocking grids that can be clicked together with ease. Shed base kits instructions need to be followed carefully though, in particular, careful levelling is required and the shed bases require filling with pea gravel when used as a base for a large shed.

If shed installation services have been bought, the plastic shed base installation must have been completed before our arrival.

Concrete bases

Another popular type of base is a concrete garden shed base. Although we do not offer this base, it is relatively easy for a skilled tradesman to install. A concrete base should have a damp-proof membrane and could consist of a group of concrete slabs (with no gaps!) or a frame filled with concrete. The slab or frame concrete base needs to sit on a dressing of hardcore and sharp sand for drainage purposes.

Wooden bases

A wooden base is simply a structure consisting of a frame of pressure-treated joists that protect the shed from contacting the ground. For some of our sheds, a wooden base can be purchased in the accessory menu (here is an example). There is also a separate option for Shedstore to install the wooden base.

For advice on making your own wooden base visit our guide “How to construct a timber shed base”, which provides a step-by-step guide and also has an embedded YouTube video.

Gravel Shed Bases

When considering the foundation for your garden shed, a gravel shed base is one of the traditional methods that come to mind. Essentially, a gravel shed foundation consists of a layer of compacted gravel that supports the weight of the shed and provides drainage. This method has been used for years and is known for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

However, with the evolution of technology and design, a more modern and efficient alternative has emerged for gravel shed bases: the gravel-filled plastic shed base. These are the products we sell on this page and this innovative solution combines the benefits of traditional gravel bases with the durability and stability of plastic grid systems.

Why should I choose a plastic shed base over concrete slabs or gravel?

The debate between plastic shed bases, concreate slabs and gravel shed foundations is age-old. Whichever option you choose, it is essential that you have a hard and level surface prepared to build your shed onto. This will prevent subsidence which can lead to bowing, cracking, issues with doors, and even windows smashing.

The level base will also keep the shed off the ground and prevent dampness and rot. Garden shed bases not only raise buildings off the ground in order to prevent water damage, but also provide a robust and level platform that will keep your garden building standing strong for years to come.

You could use concrete or patio slabs to create the level standing, but an easier and quicker alternative is to use one of our robust timber or plastic shed base kits from ProBASE.

The benefits of choosing a plastic base are numerous. Not only is a plastic gravel base lightweight and cost-effective, but it also offers superior drainage efficiency, ensuring that your shed remains dry and damage-free. Moreover, our plastic shed bases are environmentally-friendly, reducing the carbon footprint of your garden.

All of our plastic shed base kits are supplied in flat-pack form and produced using quality materials that are built to last. With a simple interlocking grid system, these eco bases easily click and snap into place and allow straight-forward self-assembly.

Differences between simple gravel shed bases and gravel-filled plastic bases

Here are some of these most common differences between a traditional gravel shed base and the innovative interlocking gravel-filled plastic bases sold here:

  • Stability: While a simple gravel base can shift and become uneven over time, a gravel-filled plastic base provides a stable and interlocking grid system that holds the gravel in place, preventing any movement.
  • Drainage: Both options offer good drainage. However, the plastic grid system ensures that the gravel remains evenly distributed, preventing water pooling and promoting faster water runoff.
  • Durability: Over time, a simple gravel base can erode or become uneven, especially in areas with heavy rainfall or flooding. In contrast, a gravel-filled plastic base, with its robust grid structure, remains intact and provides a longer-lasting foundation.
  • Installation: Installing a gravel-filled plastic base is straightforward. The interlocking grids snap together easily, and once assembled, they are filled with gravel. This ensures a level and firm foundation, unlike a simple gravel base, which requires meticulous leveling.

Benefits of gravel-filled plastic bases

The main benefits of our gravel-filled plastic bases are listed here:

  • Eco Bases: Modern gravel-filled plastic bases, like the ones from ProBASE, are often made from recycled materials, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • Maintenance: With a plastic grid system, there's minimal maintenance required. The grids prevent weeds from growing through, which can be an issue with simple gravel bases.
  • Versatility: These bases are suitable for various garden buildings, from sheds to log cabins, providing a universal solution for your garden foundation needs.
  • Cost-Effective: While there might be a higher initial cost compared to simple gravel, the longevity and reduced maintenance of gravel-filled plastic bases offer better value in the long run.

Features of our shed base kits

While traditional concreate shed bases and gravel shed foundations have their merits, the gravel-filled plastic shed bases present a modern, durable, and efficient alternative.

They align well with the essential features of a good garden shed foundation, ensuring stability, durability, and efficient drainage. If you're looking for a foundation that combines the best of both worlds – the natural drainage of gravel and the stability of a plastic grid system – the gravel-filled plastic base is the way to go.

Every shed base kit we offer is meticulously designed to ensure maximum durability and efficiency. With interlocking capabilities, our plastic grid shed base ensures a sturdy garden shed foundation, resistant to weather changes and erosion. The easy-to-install design ensures that you can set up your shed foundation without any professional help.

Shed base FAQs

We believe in empowering our customers with information. Our FAQ section addresses common queries about our shed grid bases, plastic shed base kits, and more. Whether you're curious about the product details or need advice on installation, our experts have got you covered.

Do I need a gravel shed foundation?

Yes, there are some rules which need to be observed though. Ground preparation is critical when installing a garden shed base onto the grass. The ground MUST BE LEVEL and have no more than a 65mm gradient across the width. All obstructions need to be removed, these include tree and plant roots, rocks, stone, debris, and rubble. Then the gravel shed foundation can be added. This can often be bought in the form of a shed foundation kit.

What makes the interlocking plastic grid shed base superior to traditional gravel bases?

The interlocking plastic grid shed base offers enhanced stability, preventing the gravel from shifting over time. Additionally, its design ensures even gravel distribution, promoting efficient water runoff and preventing water pooling. This modern solution combines the natural drainage benefits of gravel with the stability of a plastic grid system, making it a preferred choice for many garden enthusiasts.

How long does a plastic shed base kit from ProBASE typically last?

Our plastic shed base kits, manufactured by ProBASE, are designed for longevity. Made from durable materials, they resist weather changes, erosion, and wear and tear. With minimal maintenance, you can expect these bases to serve as a sturdy foundation for your garden sheds for many years.

Can I use the plastic shed base for larger garden structures like log cabins or summerhouses?

Absolutely! Our plastic shed bases are versatile and suitable for a range of garden buildings, from standard garden sheds to larger structures like log cabins. Their robust design ensures they provide a stable and durable foundation, regardless of the size of the structure.

Do you have any related articles?

Yes, for further advice and guidance, read these two related articles:

Contacting Shedstore about buying shed base kits and shed foundation kits

We know that buying and installing garden shed bases can be difficult. Shedstore is here to help, whether you are installing a plastic, concrete, or wooden base we are available for guidance. Call our experts today on 0333 003 0518 about your available options. It is important to ensure the shed base installation is correct to avoid issues during the shed installation.

Write to us via our web-based contact form on our contact page. Speak to us NOW using live chat.

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