Guide: How to construct a timber shed base

It is really important to ensure that you build your shed onto a solid base or hardstanding. This will make sure that the shed stays square and sturdy. If you have opted for a timber base kit, this is a far more convenient option and our guide below will help you to construct it.


For a 'no DIY skills required' option, browse our shed base kits here.


View our video guide to building a wooden shed base:

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Tools needed:

  • Spirit level

  • Tape measure

  • Drill and bits

  • A lump hammer

Building your shed base kit:

  • Read the instructions

  • Lay all the components around where you will be building your shed base

  • Mark the positions of the cross-bearers on to the long joists

  • Drill pilot holes where you marked

  • Next, fix the cross-bearers to the joists

  • Position the base kit to where your shed wants to go

  • Ensure that the highest point is square with a spirit level

  • Next, drive in the first stake at the highest point, using the lump hammer

  • Drill the stake and frame, then fix with screws

  • Finally, keeping the frame level, add the other stakes and attach them to the frame