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Garden log cabins (or wooden garden cabins) are an excellent way to add extra space to your home all year round. Whether you want a wooden summerhouse, garden office, home gym, or hobby room, we have the perfect log cabin for you. With most of our buildings coming with 5-10 year anti rot guarantees and free UK delivery to most postcodes, you can’t go wrong. 


Think about it, a log cabin is probably the largest purchasing decision you are ever likely to make for your garden. You need to do your homework; you need to choose the right style and quality of cabin for your needs and within your price constraints. Shedstore is here offering support every step of the way.


Simply click on the images below for further details about each high-quality cabin. For more information about log cabins, be sure to check out our helpful buying guide.

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10'x10' (3 x 3.4m) Palmako Hanna 34mm Log Cabin
23% Off
2 - 3 Weeks Solid Logs Construction Tongue and Groove Construction Tongue and Groove Floor
Special Price £2,999.00 Was £3,919.00
Palmako Ella 2 3.2m x 3.2m Log Cabin Summerhouse (28mm)
21% Off
3 - 4 Weeks 5 Year Guarantee Solid Logs Construction Tongue and Groove Floor
Special Price £2,599.00 Was £3,329.00
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Log cabins: the ultimate garden building

Log cabins are not just garden buildings; they are the embodiment of versatility and a testament to the human desire for comfort and functionality. Whether you're looking for a garden log cabin, a luxury log cabin, or a simple garden room, the possibilities are endless.

The charm of log cabins

The charm of a log cabin lies in its ability to blend seamlessly into the garden area, offering a unique combination of natural aesthetics and practical use. These wooden garden cabins are designed to provide a relaxing retreat, a dedicated space where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. With their robust construction and attractive designs, log cabins are a perfect addition to any garden, large or small.

What are the uses of garden log cabins?

There are many different applications and uses of log cabins. Below we summarise four of the most popular uses (log cabin sheds, garden gyms, kids log cabins and garden offices):

1)     Log cabin sheds

People do not automatically think of a log cabin when they want to buy a shed – but they should! Log cabin sheds are much stronger and more secure than the majority of traditional sheds.

Naturally, security is a concern and of paramount importance when buying a garden shed.

The good news is that log cabins are constructed with thick, interlocking logs which are difficult to penetrate. For this reason, it makes great sense to buy a log cabin shed to house your gardening tools, equipment, and bicycles.

In summary, a log cabin shed is an excellent investment and could also be used as an outdoor workshop.

2)     Garden gyms

Shedstore has a superb range of wooden garden cabins available, including a wide array of different sizes and styles – including both traditional and contemporary wooden log cabin designs. Log garden cabins are extremely versatile buildings: you could use them for storage, as home garden gyms, as offices, or simply for additional living space.

All of our wooden garden cabins are constructed from interlocking tongue and groove timbers, varying in thickness. For a building to be suitable for year-round usage, we recommend looking at 44mm log thickness and above.

For additional information, we also suggest reading our related blog article – Work from Home in a Log Cabin Garden Office”.

3)     Kids log cabins

What could be better for a child than being able to play in their garden and having access to their very own children’s log cabin. “Kids will be kids” and tend to be both messy and noisy in the home. Treat yourself and your kids through buying them a dedicated garden cabin as a play area, with storage space for toys and games when you invest in a high-quality log cabin from Shedstore.

Additionally, a children’s log cabin creates valuable precious free space within the main home, whilst also adding value to the property. All children grow up, so it is reassuring to know that when no longer required the log cabin can quickly be converted to other uses such as a garden office, garden gym or as a log cabin shed.

4)     Garden office

Separate work from home by moving your home office to the garden with a log cabin garden office. Buy log garden cabins to free up a room in your home as well as move out all the office clutter.

Many of Shedstore’s range of log cabins can be used as garden offices and provide a realistic alternative to a home office by providing a quiet and peaceful work area. They also make a great area for study, particularly for GCSE and A level exams and also for university students.

Benefits of adding a log cabin to your garden

With all of these amazing uses, you might be wondering what other benefits would justify the investment in a log cabin for your garden. Here are some of the wonderful benefits you can expect.

Year-round comfort

One of the key advantages of log cabins is their suitability for year-round use. With features like double glazing and insulation, these cabins provide a warm and cosy space during the colder months, while their natural timber construction keeps them cool during summer. Whether you're using your cabin as an office space, a hobby room, or a summer house, you can enjoy it all year round.

Maximising your outdoor space

Log cabins are an excellent way to maximise your outdoor space. They can serve a multitude of purposes, from a remote working space to a venue for social gatherings. With a log cabin, you can transform your garden into a multi-functional space that caters to your lifestyle and needs. Our larger garden buildings would even install a partition, allowing for different uses by members of your family.

Natural light

Log cabins often feature large windows and double glazed doors, allowing plenty of natural light to flood into the space. This not only creates a bright and inviting interior but also offers stunning views of your garden. Imagine working, creating, or relaxing while surrounded by the beauty of nature - that's the experience a log cabin offers.

Storage and functionality

Aside from being aesthetic and functional, log cabins also offer ample storage space. This extra space can be utilised to store garden tools, furniture, or even your crafts and hobbies. Some log cabins also feature a side store, providing a separate storage area without compromising the main space.


One of the best things about garden cabins is the freedom to customise them. Whether you prefer a single door or double doors, large windows or skylights, the choice is yours. You can also add your personal touch with paint, furnishings, and décor, making your log cabin a true reflection of your style and personality.

The environmental impact

Garden log cabins are not just beautiful and functional; they are also environmentally friendly. The timber used in their construction is a renewable resource, and the manufacturing process has a lower environmental impact compared to other building materials. By choosing a wooden garden cabin, you're not only enhancing your outdoor space but also making a sustainable choice.

What styles are for sale?

Choose the wooden style you want to match your preferences and interior décor aspirations. Broadly log cabins “style-wise” can be described as “contemporary” or “traditional” (with subsets of each). We discuss each style below:

Contemporary style

Designed to complement modern gardens, contemporary log cabins are a wonderful and useful addition to complement a modern garden. Look for features including pent roofs, large wide-opening windows for natural sunlight, and large wide-opening double doors.

Traditional style

Designed to complement vintage gardens, traditional log cabins (also called vintage or classic) are a valuable, tasteful, and stunning centrepiece addition to complement a classic garden. Look for traditional features including apex roofs, vintage window styles (e.g., Georgian style), and verandas.

Corner log cabins

Although not a style, corner log cabins represent a way to maximise the space in your garden whilst adding a valuable and innovative garden building. As practical as they are stylish, Shedstore has an exciting range of log cabins available ranging in size from 9’ x 9’ all the way up to 19’x10’.

Log cabin kits: a DIY dream

Log cabin kits have made it easier than ever to have your own garden building. These kits come with everything you need to construct your log cabin, from the timber to the screws. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a beginner, these kits make it possible for anyone to build their own garden log cabin. 

All log cabin for sale at Shedstore come as kits, are delivered complete with full instructions so you can complete the build yourself.

If you’re not able to carry out the assembly yourself, we also offer a professional log cabin installation service on our Shire, Forest and Mercia ranges. Full installation details (including price) are usually shown against each individual log cabin.

Please be aware as log cabins are made from wood, they are very heavy and you will need people on site, capable of lifting heavy weights. Read Shedstore’s how to build a log cabin installation guide for additional information.

What delivery options do you offer?

We offer free delivery to the vast majority of UK mainland postcodes on all of our log cabins for sale too. Lead times vary depending on the manufacturers, but we also aim to have all orders delivered as soon as possible. You will see that the estimated delivery time is clearly stated against each individual log cabin. Read our delivery information here.

The ultimate log cabin buying guide

To help customers complete their research we have written the “Ultimate log cabin buying guide”. This is a “must read” and includes the following sections:

  • Factors to consider before buying a log cabin
  • The log cabin size
  • Cladding thickness
  • Style of log cabin
  • Budgetary cost considerations and
  • Do I need planning permission?

Discuss any queries about our log garden cabins for sale

Whether you're looking for a quiet retreat, a dedicated workspace, or a place to entertain, a log cabin is a perfect solution. With their blend of functionality, beauty, and sustainability, log cabins are more than just garden buildings - they are a lifestyle choice that offers endless possibilities. 

Do you need help in narrowing down the best wooden log cabin to meet your requirements? If so, contact us to talk through your potential log cabin styles and uses that are available for sale within your cost budget. Contact methods include:

  • Telephone us - 0333 003 0518
  • Contact us – through our contact page and form and
  • Live chat – speak to us now using Live Chat. This app can be opened at the bottom-left of any page
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