How to Build a Log Cabin

This guide is designed to help you when building a Log Cabin from our range. Each cabin does come with instructions and you can always call the manufacturer if you get stuck. Hopefully this guide will supplement the instructions and explain what needs to be done. Once you finish you can enjoy using your log cabin for years to come.


Log CabinLog Cabin

Building a base for your log cabin:

Firstly, you must ensure that you have a suitable hard-standing for your Log Cabin. This will make sure that the cabin doesn't bow or subside which can lead to damage and broken windows. If using concrete or patio slabs you will need to make sure that your base is 5-10 cm larger than the footprint of your cabin.

What to do

Constructing your log cabin:

  • Read the instructions

  • Position all the parts on the ground close to where you will build your log cabin

  • Interlock the first two log sections together and then fix them to joists at the corner

  • Continue with the next two logs to mark out the four corners

  • At this point make sure that the initial logs are level

  • Next you can lay floor boards, these are usually tongue-and-groove

  • Add the remaining logs as above to build up the walls

  • Eventually, window and door holes will appear

  • Insert doors and windows and then continue to build up the walls

  • Attach the final long logs across the doors / windows

  • The roof frame can now be attached

  • Attach support joists into the pre-cut grooves on the top logs

  • Next, nail the roof boards onto the support joists

  • Finally, add the felt or add shingle tiles to the roof to make it water-tight

Adding a Veranda (Optional)

  • You build this in a similar way to your log cabin, by slotting logs together

  • First slot logs together and attach so as to build up walls

  • Lay deck joists and then attach the floor boards