Palmako Buying Guide


Part of Estonia’s Lemeks Group, Palmako is a company with more than 23 years’ experience of designing and building log cabins, as well as other high-quality, wooden garden buildings.

Who Are Palmako?

Thanks to the best raw materials, high-tech production plants and a very skilled workforce, Palmako products are universally considered to be amongst the best on the market. The company has branches in the UK and throughout Europe.


With impeccable environmental credentials and FSC®-certification on all of their wood, it’s understandable that Palmako is a particularly popular brand with ethical, forward-thinking consumers. Shop the Palmako brand.

Palmako’s wide range of garden structures include log cabins, summerhouses, garden offices, sheds, garden bars, wooden garages, carports and gazebos.


Let’s take a look at what you can expect from these products. Firstly, we’ll talk you through the main features found on Palmako’s log cabins, summerhouses, sheds, garages and other fully-enclosed garden buildings. Then, we’ll examine their carports, gazebos and other open-sided structures.


Palmako Garden Buildings


Supremely solid, comfortable and weatherproof, Palmako garden buildings are ideal for work, rest or play.


Garden Building Cladding

A garden building’s walls are referred to as its ‘cladding’. This measurement is usually provided in millimetres.


For log cabins, we show it in brackets at the end of the product name. With other garden buildings, you will find it in the detailed specification on the relevant product page.


Generally speaking, the thicker the cladding, the better the insulation. Thicker walls make for a stronger, more secure structure too. As many Palmako garden buildings boast exceptionally thick cladding, it’s not hard to see why they are viewed as premium.


What’s more, Palmako uses the finest interlocking Nordic spruce logs, so their products will last a lifetime when properly cared for.


Their sheds come with a tongue and groove design too, ensuring exceptional strength, durability and weathertightness.


For log cabins and garden offices, we advise choosing wall cladding at least 44mm thick to provide comfortable year-round usage.


You’ll have no problem at all finding a Palmako garden building to meet this requirement.


Palmako Best Buy 1

Featuring a charming design, 44mm Nordic spruce interlocking log walls, and double glazing throughout, this stunning log cabin makes the ideal home office or garden retreat.


Other key features include a 19mm tongue and groove floor and roof, added wind braces, window gutters and a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Find out more about the Palmako Sally 5.3m x 4.1m Log Cabin Garden Building (44mm) here.



Floor and Roof

Palmako garden buildings are built with tongue and groove floors and roofs, so are far better quality than the norm. Again, the thicker these features, the stronger and better insulated you will find them.


However, Palmako roofs are not supplied with a roof cover, so you will need to select one as an optional upgrade. Don’t worry about incurring hidden charges because our website clearly shows the total cost of the garden building + roof cover when you make your selection on the product page.


Depending on the garden building concerned, you will have up to 4 choices of roof covering:


Roof Underlay Felt

Roof Underlay Felt is easy to nail on to the roof but should only be used as a temporary roof covering or as an underlay to another material.



This consists of a thick sheet of weatherproof rubber, which makes a high-quality, long-lasting roof cover. Installation should only be carried out by those with advanced DIY skills or a professional installer.



SBS is a thick, torch-on weatherproof felt with a very long lifespan. Again, installation should only be carried out by those with advanced DIY skills or a professional installer.


Charcoal Felt Roof Shingles

Charcoal Felt Roof Shingles are attractive, easy to fit and will last for years.


Which Roof Covering Is Best?

While charcoal felt shingles are the easiest of the permanent weatherproof covers to instal, EPDM and SBS provide equally good weatherproof protection. Remember, though, roof felt underlay should only ever be used as a temporary solution or in conjunction with another material.


Palmako Best Buy 2

With its space-saving lean-to design, this wooden shed offers fantastic outdoor storage, without taking over the garden.


Boasting a 16mm tongue and groove build throughout, it also comes with lockable double doors, an opening window and 5-year parts guarantee.


Find out more about the 12' x 6' Palmako Mia Heavy Duty Lean-To Shed (3.5m x 1.8m) here.


Palmako Garden Buildings’ Glazing

Palmako log cabins and summerhouses are fitted with either toughened safety glass or double glazing, depending on the model in question.


Their shed windows are usually made from plexiglass, which is tougher and even clearer than conventional glass.


Other Key Features on Palmako Garden Buildings

As you’d expect with garden buildings of this quality, Palmako products come with many other premium features as standard too.


This often includes (but is by no means limited to) laminated door frames, stainless steel sill covers, rubber window seals and key-operated locks.


What’s more, every Palmako garden building is supplied with a 5-year parts guarantee.




Palmako Best Buy 3

With its fully-glazed bi-fold doors, this eye-catching log cabin is a wonderfully light and airy garden room in which to relax.


Boasting 44mm Nordic spruce walls, plus a 19mm tongue and groove floor and roof, it is sure to be a much-loved fixture in your garden for many years to come.


Find out more about the Palmako Ines 5.1m x 3.3mm Log Cabin Garden Room (44mm) here.


Palmako Open-Sided Garden Structures: Carports


As Palmako garden bars and kiosks are built using the same principles as their other garden buildings, we’ll now move onto their open-sided garden structures.

Palmako Carports

Because of the sheer quality of a Palmako carport, you should consider them a genuine alternative to a prefab garage.


Constructed from the finest Nordic spruce, with tongue and groove roofs, laminated support posts and 5-year parts guarantees, these wooden carports provide exceptional weatherproof protection for a vehicle.


Please note that you have to buy the roof cover as an optional extra with Palmako carports too. Shop Palmako Carports.

Palmako Best Buy 4

Available in a range of sizes, this wooden carport is built from premium 19mm tongue and groove with sturdy 120mm laminated support posts.


This carport is far more convenient than a prefab garage, yet still provides complete weatherproof protection for a car. It can even be purchased with its own shed attachment!


Find out more about the 12' x 25' Palmako Karl Wooden Carport (3.6m x 7.6m) here.


Palmako Open-Sided Garden Structures: Gazebos and Pergolas


Palmako gazebos and pergolas are also constructed from Nordic spruce. They come with a tongue and groove roof, laminated support posts and 5-year parts guarantee.


There really are some wonderful designs to choose from. Should you want a gazebo with a floor, please check the product page to see if it comes as standard or needs buying as an optional extra. Whatever the case, rest assured that it will be made from the same high-quality tongue and groove as with other Palmako garden buildings.


Again, you’ll need to select a roof covering to go with your Palmako gazebo. Shop Palmako Gazebos and shop Palmako Garden Pergolas.

Palmako Best Buy 5

With its simple, understated style, generous size and premium build, this wooden pergola makes a great garden shelter for relaxing with the family or entertaining friends.


It is constructed from prime Nordic spruce with a tongue and groove design and thick, laminated support posts, so is exceptionally strong and durable.


Find out more about the 3.5 x 3.5m Palmako Lucy Luxury Garden Shelter – Pergola (11 x 11) here.


Palmako Products for Sale


Shedstore stocks some fantastic Palmako products for sale. Simply visit our website, choose the desired product type, and check Palmako’s box under the brand category heading to see their full range.


Note to Customers on Timber Treatment

Please note that all Palmako products are delivered untreated.


Therefore, you must coat them in a high-quality wood preservative upon assembly and annually thereafter.


Alternatively, paint can be applied for a more individual look.


Contacting Us

Our friendly, UK-based customer service team are available to help answer any questions. Call them on 0333 003 0518 or use the Live Chat option onsite.