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A stunning wooden garden structure, such as a garden arbour or pergola can transform an outdoor space.


An arbour provides tranquil garden seating and, with its trellis sides and/or back, can also support climbing plants for a truly picturesque garden feature. A pergola provides shelter to your existing garden seating. It marks out an area of your garden as part of your garden design and can also support climbing plants. For increased shelter, choose a patio or garden canopy, or gazebo.


Look out for pressure treated products with a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay. These require no further treatment, saving you money and leaving more time to relax in the garden. Free UK delivery is also available on our garden arbours and pergolas to most mainland postcodes. To investigate further into our selection, click on the “view details” button or any of the product images below.

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11' x 11' (3.5 x 3.5m) Palmako Lucy Garden Shelter
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2 - 3 Weeks 5 Year Guarantee Tongue and Groove Construction
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What are garden arbours?

Garden arbours are vertical garden structures, with two or four columns, and a covered roof (typically Apex style). The sides of the arbour can either be covered or open. Where open they can feature lattice or trellising, which are a haven for climbing plants.

The garden arbours we sell are freestanding structures. All of the arbours we sell are wooden and feature a seat or bench, which is ideal for sitting down and relaxing or perhaps reading a book. The covered roof protects arbour users against rain.

Garden arbours provide shade, privacy, and shelter and also are a focal point. Their columns and roof are a framework for climbing plants and vines, which add colour and fragrance to a garden.

Often used as an accent, their natural timber or painted/stained finish typically contrasts with the surrounding garden features. Even though contrasting, arbours seamlessly blend into the garden landscape and can be used for directing traffic flow and partitioning areas of the garden.

What are garden pergolas?

Garden pergolas are vertical or square structures, with usually four columns (we also have a three column pergola) and with either an open or closed roof formed from beams. There are typically no sides, but sometimes panels are added for decorative appeal. Rambling roses and climbing plants can successfully be trained to climb pergola columns.

Garden pergolas are most often freestanding structures but could also be attached to the family home as a type of awning, or fences, and walls. They are perfect as a sheltered area when used over a patio or decking. All of the pergolas we sell are wooden, which we believe is the perfect material.

Like arbours, pergolas also provide privacy and enable a shaded walkway. They are also a focal point and are superb for screening and partitioning. Again, pergolas can be used as an accent with the natural/painted wood contrasting nicely with the surrounding greenery.

Should I choose a garden pergola with roof?

We have closed roof garden pergolas for sale, here are some of their benefits:

  • Bird droppings protection – the garden pergola with roof will protect from bird droppings, which can be a problem in some areas. Droppings stay on top of the roof and will not affect the area below
  • Extend living space – where attached to a home, a permanent dining area outside could be setup
  • Rain protection – naturally, a roof enables you to stay outdoors even in rain and
  • Sun shelter – a roof provides shelter from the sun and a shaded area

What optional extras are available with a wooden garden pergola or wooden arbour purchase?

For an additional cost, you could buy alongside your arbour or pergola purchase:

  • Gas patio heater – add some heat when you need it, with a gas-powered heater and
  • Post spikes - this simplifies the process of installing posts

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