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We offer an impressive selection of garden gazebos, including metal, polycarbonate, and wooden options, in a range of sizes and designs. Our pop up gazebos are easy to assemble, affordable, and stylish, while our wooden gazebos with roof are robust, perfect for outdoor entertaining. We also offer gazebos with curtains and netting for added privacy. Free UK delivery is available to most mainland postcodes too.


Our Gazebo Buying Guide provides detailed information about our wooden garden gazebos, metal gazebos, and polycarbonate gazebos. Find our full product range listed below, click on the “view details” button or on any of the product images shown below to read the product details.

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11'x11' (3.3x3.3m) Palmako Betty Pavilion
25% Off
2 - 3 Weeks 5 Year Guarantee Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £2,199.00
Was £2,939.00
10'x10' (3x3m) Palmako Betty Pavilion
24% Off
2 - 3 Weeks 5 Year Guarantee Tongue and Groove Construction Tongue and Groove
Special Price £2,099.00
Was £2,779.00
15'x15' (4.5x4.5m) Palmako Betty Pavilion
27% Off
3 - 4 Weeks 5 Year Guarantee Tongue and Groove Construction Installation Available
Special Price £3,349.00
Was £4,619.00
11' x 11' (3.5 x 3.5m) Palmako Lucy Garden Shelter
17% Off
2 - 3 Weeks 5 Year Guarantee Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £1,549.00
Was £1,879.00
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An introduction to garden structures

It can be confusing when trying to decide on the right garden structure and it very much depends on your needs, including the kind of shade and shelter you require. Garden structures are an excellent addition to any outdoor space, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits.

They are an affordable option to transform your garden into a versatile living area, perfect for relaxation, dining, and socialising. Among the various types of garden structures available, we sell gazebos, but also garden arbours, pergolas, patio covers, and garden awnings, each of which offer unique advantages. To confuse matters further, other terms are often used to describe similar garden structures, such as marquees, garden tents and canopies.

Garden gazebos

The items we sell on this page are garden gazebos, which come as freestanding, pop up or mounted structures with a roof, usually open on all sides. These garden structures provide shade and shelter, making them ideal for outdoor dining or simply enjoying your garden year-round.

They come in a variety of styles and materials, from wooden gazebos that blend seamlessly with natural surroundings to robust, to permanent metal gazebos that can withstand the elements. Many of the metal options also come with polycarbonate roofing and options for curtains and nets.

Garden arbours

Garden arbours are smaller structures, often used as decorative elements or as supports for climbing plants. They can create a beautiful focal point in your garden, and provide a shaded spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors.


Pergolas are larger structures, often used to cover a patio or deck area. They provide partial shade, with crossbeams that allow sunlight to filter through. This makes them perfect for growing climbing plants, which can create a natural canopy over time.

Patio covers and garden awnings

Patio covers and garden awnings are attached to the house, providing shade and shelter directly adjacent to your home. They are ideal for creating an outdoor living space that is easily accessible from inside.

Each of these structures can enhance your outdoor space, providing shade and shelter, and creating a comfortable area for dining, socialising, or simply enjoying the outdoors. By choosing the right structure for your needs, you can transform your garden into a versatile outdoor living area.

Facts about the Shedstore garden gazebos range

Here is useful information about our garden gazebos range:

  • FREE delivery – Shedstore are the ultimate “near me” resource as FREE delivery is available on our entire range to most UK mainland postcodes
  • Manufacturers – our gazebos are all top-quality, choose from the following manufacturers:
    • Forest Garden - if you are looking for wooden gazebos, look no further than Forest Garden. This range is pressure treated and is provided with a fifteen year guarantee or
    • Garden Must Haves – providers of metal, and polycarbonate gazebos
    • Glendale – browse and shop for metal gazebos from Glendale. Featuring either aluminium or steel frames with polyester canopies, these are an asset in any garden
    • Palmako – wooden gazebos with a five year guarantee, installation is also available
    • Palram Canopia – browse and shop for a range of plastic (high impact polycarbonate) and metal gazebos from Palram Canopia
  • Seating capacity – for wooden gazebos seat anywhere between ten and twenty seven
  • Sides – choose from open sided and close sided gazebos and
  • Sizes – our garden gazebos are mainly large garden buildings; our range starts at 6’x6’ and goes up to a sizable 20’x17’

Practical uses

Garden structures such as gazebos, pergolas, and arbours offer a multitude of practical uses. They can transform your outdoor space into a functional area for various activities.

One of the most popular uses is for outdoor dining. With a garden gazebo, you can enjoy meals al fresco, protected from the sun or rain. This makes it perfect for hosting garden parties or BBQs, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space year-round.

Garden structures like these also provide a shaded area for relaxation. You can set up a seating area under your gazebo, creating a tranquil spot to read, meditate, or simply enjoy the outdoors. Wall mounted gazebos can even be used to add a semi-enclosed extension to your house, providing an additional dining area, children's play area, or an alternative to a garden gym providing space for yoga and other exercises.

What are pop up gazebos?

Pop up gazebos are collapsible that fold down to more compact sizes. Featuring a ready assembled frame, pop up gazebos are designed for rapid erection and disassembly.

Also sometimes called mini marquees or frame tents our range is manufactured by Garden Must Haves and is available in brown or grey. Erect our pop up gazebos in minutes, by walking out the frame, attaching the canopies and then extending the legs. Ensure before use that the gazebo is securely anchored.

Some pop up gazebos also come with netting and curtains for extra privacy.

Are metal gazebos manufactured with the best type of material?

It is not possible to say which is the best material to buy out of our metal, plastic, and wooden gazebos. The reality is that all three materials make great gazebos. Which one works best will depend upon a buyer’s taste, styling preferences, maintenance requirements and the price they want to pay, amongst other factors.

Advantages of aluminium and steel framed gazebos

Our metal gazebos typically feature aluminium or steel frames. Advantages are:

  • Durable and weather-resistant – rely on metal gazebos to stand the test of time
  • Ease of maintenance – there is very minimal maintenance required
  • Low-cost option – metal costs much less than wood and is a cost-effective option and
  • Strength and sturdiness – metal is strong and sturdy and will not distort or break in the years to come

Do Shedstore sell gazebos with curtains?

Yes, we have numerous gazebos with curtains for sale. To find our curtains, simply search the products above and you will find some that are curtains only products. In addition, with certain gazebos, you will find that curtains are listed as an accessory you can add on to when you purchase a gazebo.

Are wall mounted gazebos a form of home extension?

Yes. Also called awnings or canopies when you buy wall mounted gazebos, they become a permanent (and potentially retractable) structural extension to a property.

Installation considerations

When planning to install a garden gazebo or other outdoor structure, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, the choice of location is crucial. The structure should be placed in a part of your garden that is flat and stable, ideally with easy access to your house for convenience during socialising or dining events.

Consider the exposure to weather elements. If your gazebo is designed to provide shade, it should be positioned where it can offer the most protection from the sun. Similarly, if your structure is meant to withstand rain, ensure it's not in a location prone to flooding or water pooling.

The size of the structure is another important consideration. Ensure the gazebo or pergola suits the scale of your garden and doesn't overwhelm the space. Remember to account for any additional space needed for accessories or garden furniture.

Lastly, consider the material of your structure. Wooden gazebos with a roof, for example, may require regular maintenance to keep the wood in good condition, while metal structures may need checks for rust.

Frequently asked questions

What type of garden structure is best for outdoor dining?

Garden gazebos are ideal for outdoor dining as they provide shade and shelter, allowing you to enjoy meals outside regardless of the weather. Gazebos with curtains and netting are an ideal choice for the summer months helping to provide shade, privacy and keep those pesky flies away.

How do I maintain a wooden gazebo?

Wooden gazebos may require regular maintenance such as staining or sealing to protect the wood from weather elements and ensure its longevity.

Is a pergola more suited than a gazebo to support plants?

Yes, pergolas are perfect for supporting climbing plants. Over time, these plants can create a natural canopy, providing additional shade.

What is the best location for my garden structure?

The best location depends on your specific needs. However, it's generally best to choose a flat, stable area of your garden with easy access to your house. For wall mounted options, a level patio or foundation will be needed with direct access to the house.

Can I use my garden gazebo year-round?

Yes, with the right design and materials, a garden gazebo can be used year-round. Some gazebos are even designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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