A playhouse is a wonderful garden investment, providing a dedicated space for outdoor play where your children are guaranteed to make lots of wonderful memories.

We offer a wide range of wooden playhouses in a variety of styles including traditional wendy houses, towers, climbers, and sliders. Some even have their own verandas! All are made from the best quality materials and meet British safety standards.

Be sure to check out our playhouse buying guide, it contains lots of useful information to help you choose the right building.

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Why Buy a Kids’ Playhouse?

There are many reasons for purchasing a garden playhouse. They are a superb long-term investment for the garden and, most importantly, they inspire imaginative outdoor play and help to create magical childhood memories.

The benefits of outdoor play for children are numerous and a playhouse is a superb way to encourage them to leave their screens and get in the garden.

Being outside promotes active play which helps to develop strong muscles, good coordination and high fitness levels. In addition, sunshine provides children with vitamin D, which has been proven to boost the immune system, help bones and contribute to positive moods.

Furthermore, a playhouse could be a great way to encourage children to play together, helping improve their social skills. The role-playing inspired by a playhouse helps child development.

Aside from the positive impacts on children’s health and well-being, playhouses are attractive features in their own right. Many of the designs are impressive and charming, particularly when given a custom paint job. Plus, they serve a dual purpose by also offering space for stowing away garden toys and games.

Playhouse Safety

We know that your primary concern when investing in new garden toys is that they are safe for children to use. That’s why we only source our range of outdoor playhouses from reputable, industry-leading manufacturers with exemplary safety standards.

All of our playhouses comply with EN71 Safety Standards and include numerous features to keep children protected from harm.

Firstly, the timber used is smooth planed and the corners are rounded. Smooth planed timber is safer than rough sawn for children as it reduces the risk of painful splinters. Rounded corners protect against cuts and bruises particularly for younger children who like to run around.

Next, windows are made from a shatterproof material such as styrene. Unlike glass, styrene won’t fracture into dangerous pieces when crashed into by a stray ball or other garden toy. Many of our impressive two storey playhouses also include hand rails on the ladders. Hand rails provide extra support which makes climbing safer and easier.

Finally, doors often feature either magnetic catches or specially designed no-trap hinges. These innovative methods remove the risk of fingers getting caught by a slamming door.

These clever features result in a children’s playhouses which is incredibly safe. However, we always recommend having a responsible adult present to supervise any outdoor games or play.

Types of Outdoor Playhouses

Our full selection encompasses a wide variety of playhouse designs, suitable for a range of ages and budgets.

Our traditional playhouses typically feature Georgian-style windows and shutters; some are even two storeys. These charming outdoor buildings allow children to create games based around having their own little ‘grown-up’ house.

Tower playhouses offer another level of fun. The space beneath is useful too; maybe it could become a sandpit, a den or a place to store toys? Many tower playhouses also have slides which can provide hours of fun for children.

As well as more standard models, we also have some unique, innovatively designed playhouses to really encourage imaginative games. Take a look at our wooden tepee and command post playhouses for example.

Personalise Your Playhouse

To create something truly special for your children to enjoy, be sure to add personal touches to your new playhouse. To start with, a custom paint-job to suit your garden or your children’s ideas will look terrific.

You could also consider adding colourful bunting, curtains, solar fair lights and play furniture. Why not add a little herb garden trough to teach budding gardeners about plants?

The possibilities are endless.

A personalised playhouse is guaranteed to inspire more frequent and more imaginative play.

Wooden Playhouses

Our playhouses come complete with one of two different types of treatment. The first, dip treatment, guarantees against rot for a substantial 10 years, provided the playhouse is annually re-treated with a high-quality wood preservative.

The second is pressure treatment. Pressure treated playhouses boast impressive 15 year guarantees against both rot and fungal decay with no requirement for annual retreatment.

There are different qualities of wooden playhouse construction. Overlap playhouses are cheaper – they’re built from vertically overlapping timber slats affixed to a sturdy fame.

If you’re interested in a higher quality playhouse, tongue and groove or shiplap buildings are superior. Constructed from thick interlocking timber boards, these playhouses are more robust and durable than cheaper alternatives.

Wendy Houses

The term ‘Wendy House’ is predominantly used in the UK, and takes its origins from J. M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan. In the story, a character named Wendy Darling is shot with a bow and arrow by mistake and, consequently, a small house is built around her for protection.

A prop ‘Wendy House’ was created for the first stage production of the play in 1904, which led to toy manufacturers creating replicas for children. Today, Wendy Houses are commonplace in gardens and enjoyed by children around the world.

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