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Our huge range of plastic sheds benefits from a wide choice of designs, colours and sizes; both large and small plastic sheds are available. We bring you high quality plastic garden storage from all the most popular brands, including Keter, Palram Canopia, Lifetime and Suncast, so you can enjoy a top quality shed without the high end price tag.


With guarantees from 5 years to limited lifetime guarantees, plastic storage offers low-maintenance, reliable outdoor storage.


Our helpful Shed Buying Guide is full of useful information to help you choose the right shed.

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11'x9' Palram (3.3x2.7m) Yukon Dark Grey Skylight Plastic Shed
15% Off
7 - 10 Working Days 15 Year Guarantee Polycarbonate Shell
Special Price £1,239.00 Was £1,459.00
10'x8' (3x2.4m) Lifetime New Edition Single Entrance Plastic Shed
10 Working Days 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £1,989.00 Was £2,119.00
13% Off
10 Working Days 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £2,749.00 Was £3,169.00
8x10 Lifetime Special Edition Heavy Duty Plastic Shed
13% Off
10 Working Days 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £2,339.00 Was £2,699.00
8x7.5 Lifetime Special Edition Heavy Duty Plastic Shed
11% Off
10 Working Days 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £1,969.00 Was £2,229.00
6'x3.5' Lifetime Heavy Duty Low Storage Plastic Shed
17% Off
10 Working Days 5 Year Guarantee
Special Price £674.99 Was £819.99
8' x 16' (2.43x4.96m) Suncast New Tremont One Apex Roof Shed
1 Week 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £2,749.00 Was £2,849.00
7'x4.5' (2.1x1.35m) Lifetime Plastic Shed
10 Working Days 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £1,199.00 Was £1,279.00
15'x8' (4.5x2.4m) Lifetime Dual Entrance Plastic Shed
13% Off
10 Working Days 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £3,299.00 Was £3,819.00
15' x 8' (4.57x2.43m) Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed - Single Entrance
13% Off
10 Working Days 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £3,199.00 Was £3,699.00
5'10 x 3'8 Suncast XL Vertical Plastic Garden Shed (1.79m x 1.12m)
Out of Stock 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £719.99 Was £769.99
8' x 12' Lotus Sono Plastic Garden Shed with Foundation Kit (2.41m x 3.66m)
12% Off
Out of Stock 10 years
Special Price £999.99 Was £1,149.00
4' x 6' Lotus Animus Apex Plastic Shed with Floor (1.2m x 1.92m)
11% Off
Out of Stock 10 years
Special Price £417.99 Was £469.99
6'6 x 8' Shire Tuscany Evo 240 Apex Plastic Double Door Shed (2.02m x 2.42m)
Out of Stock 1 year guarantee
Special Price £1,099.00 Was £1,179.00
11'x21' (3.3x6.3m) Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed
Out of Stock 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £5,469.00 Was £5,929.00
11' x 16' Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed (3.16m x 4.68m)
Out of Stock 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £4,399.00 Was £4,849.00
11'x11' (3.3x3.3m) Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed
14% Off
Out of Stock 10 Year Guarantee
Special Price £3,019.00 Was £3,519.00
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What are the benefits of buying plastic garden sheds?

Plastic garden sheds are becoming increasingly popular. We have a number of innovatively designed plastic sheds for sale which would be a talking point in any garden. Listed below are some of the main benefits of buying plastic garden sheds:

Easy to assemble

One of the primary advantages of plastic garden sheds is their ease of assembly. These sheds do not require specialist tools or related experience, making them a time and cost-effective choice. Many of the options we sell can be simply snapped together, and due to the lightweight nature of the material, they require little manpower to install. This means you and a friend can have your shed up and ready in no time.

Low maintenance

Plastic sheds require very minimal maintenance. They are easy to clean with low-cost household cleaning supplies and are not prone to rust or rot. Unlike wooden sheds, plastic sheds do not need to be repainted or treated to withstand extreme weather conditions. This makes them a long-lasting storage solution for your garden.


The price of plastic sheds is often less than that of metal sheds or wooden sheds, making them an affordable choice for many homeowners. Despite their lower cost, they offer high quality and durability, ensuring you get value for your money.


Thanks to their lighter weight, plastic sheds can easily be moved from one location to another. This feature allows homeowners to relocate their shed to their new home when they move or alter their garden layout with ease.


Plastic sheds are highly resilient to various forms of weather, including rain, snow, heat, and cold. They are designed to be weather resistant, providing a safe and dry space for your garden tools, outdoor toys, and other items. However, it's advisable to ensure that they are anchored down firmly as their lighter weight can make them vulnerable to movement in storms and gale-force winds.


They can be used to store plant food and fertiliser during the growing season, organise garden tools, keep your garden clutter-free, and much more. With different sizes available, you can find the perfect plastic shed for your needs, whether you have a large garden or small spaces.


Plastic sheds have an extended lifespan, especially those well-maintained. The plastic material is impermeable, keeping out rain, snow, and ice, and is immune to rust, mould, and corrosion. With proper care, barring any major incidents, your storage shed should only experience general deterioration over a long period.

Additional Features

Many plastic sheds offer additional features such as drillable walls for easy addition of shelving and hooks, fire-retardant materials, and UV protection to prevent fading or discolouration in the sun. Some models also offer optional extras like a guttering system for improved drainage, ramped entrances for easy access, reinforced floors or a reinforced roof for extra strength, and windows and vents for improved ventilation.

Remember, when choosing a storage shed, consider your needs and the features that are most important to you. Whether you're looking for a large plastic shed to store your garden tools or a small plastic storage shed for your outdoor toys, there's a perfect option out there for you.

For additional information, we also recommend reading our blog post “Should I buy a wooden, metal, or plastic shed?”

Standard features to expect

Expect the following standard features:

  • Drillable walls – this provides easy addition of shelving and hooks
  • Fire-retardant – many plastic sheds utilise specially-manufactured flame-retardant materials
  • Maintenance free - the vast majority of our plastic sheds are maintenance free

What optional extras on plastic sheds are available?

When buying a plastic shed, a range of optional features can also be bought. These extras vary from one shed to another (and are not available for some models), optional extras include:

  • Guttering system – some models also have a guttering system for improved drainage
  • Installation service – if you are looking for “installers near me” for some models, Shedstore have an installation service option
  • Ramped entrance - for disability and easy entry access, some models have a ramped entrance
  • Reinforced floor and/or roof support – extra strength can be added through a reinforced floor (e.g., resin floor) or through a reinforced roof
  • Shelving – some sheds have optional shelving
  • Skylight roof panels – add skylights as a window to the world
  • UV-protected - sheds with this feature will neither fade nor discolour in the sun and
  • Windows and vents – some sheds have added windows and vents

Do you sell Keter plastic storage sheds?

Yes, we certainly do have Keter plastic storage sheds for sale. They are a speciality of ours here at Shedstore. Keter is a world leader in the manufacturing of resin-based products. Internationally recognised for design and innovation, Keter manufacturers plastic storage sheds, and other plastic products such as outdoor garden storage, garden and patio furniture sets and planters.

Keter plastic storage sheds are built to last, so much so that they are supplied with an incredible limited lifetime guarantee. Keter is working hard to improve the sustainability of its product range. In 2021, Keter partnered with UBQ Materials in a deal to increase the recycled content in their products to a minimum of 55% by 2025.

What delivery options do you have for plastic sheds in the UK?

We deliver all of our plastic sheds promptly and for free to most UK mainland postcodes. On selected models, we also have a ‘pick-a-day’ delivery service, allowing you to choose a convenient delivery day when you place the order with us. Check delivery information here.

Contact Shedstore to discuss plastic storage sheds

We know there is a large choice of plastic sheds for sale on this page (infact over forty!) For support and advice on choosing the most appropriate plastic shed for your requirements we recommend you contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Call us on - 0333 003 0518
  • Contact form – complete this form with our contact page
  • By live chat – speak NOW with us using Live Chat, click the app at the bottom-left of any page
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