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Experience the ultimate gardening solution with our walk in greenhouses. Whether you are a dedicated gardener or simply love nurturing plants, our range of wooden and polycarbonate walk in greenhouses offers the perfect environment for your botanical exploits. With their spacious and versatile design, these garden buildings provide ample room for growing a diverse range of plants.


Extend your growing season, shield delicate plants from unpredictable weather, and unleash your gardening potential. Discover our curated selection of walk in greenhouses and embark on a journey to create your own thriving botanical haven.


Unlock valuable insights for prospective greenhouse buyers with our comprehensive buying guide for greenhouses. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of free delivery on walk in style greenhouses across most UK mainland locations.

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6'4 x 10’6 Halls Popular 106 Greenhouse (1.93 x 3.19m)
11% Off
5 Weeks 12 Year Guarantee
Special Price £539.99 Was £609.99
6'4 x 10'6 Green Frame Halls Popular 106 Greenhouse (1.93 x 3.19m)
12% Off
5 Weeks 12 Year Guarantee
Special Price £579.99 Was £659.99
8'3 x 8'2 Mercia Wooden Combi Shed Greenhouse (2.53x2.50m)
10% Off
Pick a Day 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Dip Treated
Special Price £1,109.00 Was £1,239.00
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An Introduction to walk in greenhouses

A walk in greenhouse offers a fantastic opportunity for gardeners to create a controlled environment that nurtures plant growth and maximises their gardening potential. These spacious structures provide ample space for you to move around, tend to your plants, and indulge in your gardening passion.

At Shedstore, we bring you a wide range of walk in greenhouses designed to suit different gardening needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, a walk in greenhouse is an invaluable addition to your outdoor space.

Our walk in greenhouses are crafted with high-quality materials and feature sturdy frames and durable glazing options to ensure longevity. With their ample height and generous space, you can grow a variety of plants, including tall vegetables, luscious fruit, delicate flowers, and even small trees.

Enjoy extended growing seasons, protect your plants from harsh weather conditions, and create a haven for your gardening endeavours with a walk in greenhouse from Shedstore. Browse our collection and discover the perfect greenhouse to take your gardening to new heights.

Why choose a walk in polycarbonate greenhouse?

When it comes to nurturing your gardening passion and cultivating plants, a walk in polycarbonate greenhouse is an excellent choice. These greenhouses provide an optimal environment for plant growth and offer numerous benefits to gardeners of all skill levels.

These walk in polycarbonate greenhouses are available with frames made of aluminium, resin, or wood. However, what sets them apart and makes them polycarbonate greenhouses is the selection of the polycarbonate panels, which are used for the sides and roof of the structure.

One of the primary reasons for selecting a walk in style polycarbonate greenhouse is its exceptional durability. The use of polycarbonate panels in their construction ensures high resistance to impacts, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions. This guarantees the protection and thriving growth of your plants throughout the seasons.

Another advantage lies in the superior light transmission of polycarbonate panels. These panels allow a significant amount of sunlight to penetrate the greenhouse, promoting healthy and robust plant development. Additionally, they provide insulation, retaining warmth during colder months and creating a stable climate for your plants.

Walk in polycarbonate greenhouses come in various sizes, enabling you to choose the perfect one to suit your gardening needs. They provide ample space for a diverse selection of plants, enabling you to grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Furthermore, these greenhouses are easy to assemble and are low-cost to maintain, making them suitable for gardeners of all levels of experience. With proper care and maintenance, our polycarbonate greenhouses will offer a rewarding and long-lasting gardening experience.

Buying one of our walk in polycarbonate greenhouses for sale not only enhances your gardening capabilities but also adds aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. Their sleek design and transparent panels create a visually pleasing greenhouse that seamlessly integrates into a variety of garden landscapes.

What are the benefits of choosing a walk in wooden greenhouse?

As a viable alternative to our walk in polycarbonate greenhouses, we also recommend customers to consider our walk in wooden greenhouses. Some benefits of these include:

  • Customisability - wood can be easily modified and painted, allowing you to personalise the appearance of your greenhouse and match it to your garden design
  • Durability – the high-quality timber used in wooden greenhouses is known for its durability and resistance to rot and decay, ensuring the longevity of the structure
  • Excellent insulation - wood provides natural insulation, helping to regulate temperature and humidity levels inside the greenhouse for optimal plant growth
  • Natural aesthetic appeal - wooden greenhouses bring a warm and rustic charm to any garden, enhancing its overall visual appeal
  • Natural integration – walk in wooden greenhouses blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious and integrated garden environment
  • Sustainability - wood is a renewable and eco-friendly material, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious gardeners
  • Versatility - wood is a versatile material that allows for customisation, enabling you to adapt the greenhouse to suit your specific needs and gardening preferences

Contact us for expert advice

Explore our range of walk in greenhouses at Shedstore and find the perfect sanctuary for your plants. For expert guidance and assistance, including price and technical information, give us a call at 0333 003 0518 or visit our website to fill out our convenient contact form. Need instant answers? Engage in a live chat with our friendly team by clicking on the live chat icon.

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