The benefits of using a garden storage box

If you don't have a lot of spare space in your garden or simply want quick and easy access to your everyday gardening items, then a garden storage box is the perfect solution. There are plenty of styles to choose from, many use different materials in their manufacture, but all keep your belongings dry, safely tucked up and ready for use.

5'7 x 2'4 (1.73x0.73m) Store More Emerald 1.7 Grey Metal Storage Box (SHS18407)

4'x2' (1.20x0.6m) Rattan Effect Plastic Patio Storage Box (SHS20245)

4'x2' (1.2x0.6m) Store-Plus Midi Wall Store (SHS16576)

4' x 3' Store-Plus Shiplap Garden Storage Box (1.26x0.86m)(SHS46)

3'x1.5' (0.9x0.4m) Biohort silver Leisure Time Box 100 (SHS18435)

1'11x 1'6 Suncast Resin Small Deck Box Garden Storage Seat (0.57x0.45m) (SHS17316)

Choosing a garden storage box

Wooden storage boxes are a popular choice as they blend naturally into most garden settings, are robust, can be painted or stained to keep up with the latest gardening trends and are lockable. Did I mention they are easily put together? Well, I have now. They don't take a lot of space up and are perfect for hand tools, bags of compost, even foldaway mowers – all the kit you need every day or week. It's also easy to attach hooks to taller versions of wooden storage boxes to ensure you make full use of your storage area. Wall stores are fantastic if a fully grown up shed isn't your thing – well planned, a wall store can mop up all tools and general gardening paraphernalia any garden needs. They will also last for years with superb guarantees against rotting.

Wood isn't the only material used as many design-conscious gardeners want their storage boxes to blend in with existing structures and furniture. As rattan has become popular so have rattan lookalike boxes – perfect for a completely maintenance free storage option that blends in close proximity to trendy furniture. Same thing goes for metal, resin and plastic storage boxes. All are maintenance free, all types are lockable - essential when you start to add up the value of the contents, and all are perfect for gardens and caravan sites where you may want to leave and lock gardening equipment for your next visit.

There are even storage boxes with more than one use. Obviously, they will store a lot of your gardening kit but when closed they are robust enough to also act as extra seating. And that's great in smaller gardens where you need to make every centimetre work hard. Most importantly, all storage boxes will help declutter the look of your garden. They allow easy access to the tools you really need making gardening a more enjoyable pastime. And when all is done, you can, in many cases, flop down and enjoy the fruits of your labour. A treasure chest stuck in the corner? Not a chance – more like an essential part of every garden.

What are the benefits of a garden storage box?

  1. Secure your gardening tools
  2. Keep electric and metal equipment dry to avoid rust
  3. Take up less space than s shed
  4. Can be chosen or painted to suit your existing garden theme

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