Palram Canopia Buying Guide

Palram Canopia specialises in designing and building polycarbonate and acrylic garden products. The company is based in Israel and has almost 60 years’ experience of working with these high-quality plastics. They are respected the world over for their innovative work in this field.


Palram Canopia’s extensive range of garden products includes plastic sheds, greenhouses, conservatories, sun rooms, gazebos, patio covers, door canopies and carports. Let’s take a look at some of their many fantastic lines now…


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Palram Canopia Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds were long viewed as an inferior alternative to metal and wooden models, but not anymore. Strong, stylish, easy to assemble and maintenance free, a Palram Canopia plastic shed provides secure and weatherproof garden storage, sure to satisfy the most demanding of customers.


Also, unlike most other plastic sheds, shelves can be fitted to the walls.

Palram Canopia sheds are available in various colours, sizes and styles. The 4 main models are the Rubicon, Skylight, Voyager and Yukon.


Palram Canopia Rubicon Sheds

Backed by a 12-year limited warranty, these plastic sheds are constructed from 10mm multi-wall polycarbonate panels with reinforced aluminium frames, so are as tough as sheds come.


Double doors provide storage-friendly access to the interior, which benefits from plenty of natural light thanks to the skylight roof panels.


With a fashionable grey finish and available in different sizes, the Rubicon’s other key features include non-slip flooring, an entrance ramp and padlock fixing.



Palram Canopia Skylight Sheds

Skylight sheds are built from thinner polycarbonate panels, but are still incredibly strong. They come in a range of colours, designs and sizes.


As the name suggests, they also feature a skylight roof to allow natural light inside the shed. Other features include an aluminium frame, anti-slip floor, padlock fixing and 10-year limited warranty.


Please note that the style of door will depend on the size of the shed.



Palram Canopia Voyager Sheds 


The Voyager is a smaller garden store, which makes the ideal bike shed, mower store, or wheelie bin storage unit.


Featuring Palram Canopia sheds’ trademark features of polycarbonate walls, a skylight roof and aluminium frame, these plastic garden storage sheds make invaluable additions to any outdoor area.


A non-slip floor, lockable double doors and 10-year limited warranty are all included as standard.


Palram Canopia Yukon Plastic Sheds 

Supplied with a fantastic 15-year limited warranty; the top-of-the-range Yukon is Palram Canopia’s largest shed.


Supremely strong and unbeatably weatherproof, it is built from virtually unbreakable, commercial-grade 10mm polycarbonate, supported by an aluminium frame and galvanised steel perimeter base.


Once again, the shingled skylight roof allows natural light to filter inside the shed. Other key features include wide double doors with a padlock fixing, low-threshold ramp and integrated guttering.


With its stylish grey finish, this premium plastic shed is available with or without a Wood Polymer Composite floor.



Palram Canopia Best Buy Shed


This 6x8 shed offers excellent garden storage with zero hassle.


Easy to assemble and maintenance free, it is built from high-impact polycarbonate panels, supported by a sturdy aluminium frame.


Other notable features include a non-slip floor, skylight roof, lockable double doors and air vents.


Discover more about the 6' x 8' Palram Canopia Grey Skylight Plastic Shed (1.88m x 2.39m) here.


Notes to Customers on Palram Canopia Sheds


On opening the packaging, some people think that Palram Canopia sheds do not look as sturdy as advertised. However, once the shed is assembled, those people quickly change their minds. Palram Canopia plastic sheds are exceptionally strong and always come with an anchor kit so they can be firmly secured to the ground.


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Palram Canopia Greenhouses

Every Palram Canopia greenhouse is built from strong, durable materials, and comes with both ventilation and guttering as standard. Easy to assemble and maintenance free, these greenhouses are sure to delight novice gardeners and green-fingered experts alike.


The company’s main lines of greenhouse include (but are not limited to) the Balance, Harmony, Hybrid and Mythos. They also produce a number of excellent greenhouse accessories.


Palram Canopia Balance Greenhouses

The Balance is a large greenhouse, which uses crystal-clear polycarbonate side panels, twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels and the latest Fine Shield Technology™ to achieve a balanced light exposure for the ideal growing environment.


Polycarbonate, of course, is completely shatterproof and fully UV protected, so will neither fade nor discolour in the sun. This makes it a great material for greenhouse glazing.


The Balance’s other big pluses include extra support beams, double doors and a low, wheelbarrow-friendly threshold.


Choose from a range of sizes, with a green or silver aluminium frame, and get a 5-year limited warranty as standard.



Harmony, Hybrid and Mythos Greenhouses



Harmony Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Constructed with an aluminium frame and galvanised-steel perimeter base, this range uses 0.7mm crystal-clear polycarbonate panels for higher light transmission.


The greenhouse’s single door is fitted with a magnetic catch and padlock fixing to keep valuable tools safe.


Available with a green, grey or silver-coloured frame, the Harmony range comes with a 5-year limited warranty.



Hybrid Greenhouses


This versatile line features a broad range of sizes, a choice of frame colour and a variety of roof styles.


Like the Balance, it employs crystal-clear polycarbonate side panels, twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels and the latest Fine Shield Technology™ to optimise growing conditions.


Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, Hybrid greenhouses include an aluminium frame, galvanised steel base and single, lockable door.



The Palram Canopia Mythos Greenhouses


With similar proportions to the Harmony and Hybrid, the Mythos greenhouse is available with a green, grey or silver-coloured aluminium frame.


The big difference is that the glazing is exclusively made from 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate, giving it slightly lower light transmission but outstanding protection from extreme sunlight.


Other notable features include a galvanised steel base, lockable single door and 5-year limited warranty.


Other Palram Canopia Greenhouses


Palram Canopia’s huge range of greenhouses doesn’t stop there. Other models include the Bella, Essence, Glory, Oasis, Octave and Victory, along with the various Palram Canopia Rion lines. All of these greenhouses feature an aluminium frame, polycarbonate glazing and generous warranty, but each have their own unique attractions. For a special type of greenhouse, it is worth exploring these options.


Palram Canopia Best Buy Greenhouse

This beautiful, small greenhouse comes with a 5-year limited warranty, sturdy aluminium frame and crystal-clear polycarbonate glazing.


It boasts all the premium features of a much larger, more expensive model, including a lockable door, magnetic catch, vent and guttering system.


This 6x4 greenhouse is absolutely perfect for beginners and gardeners with smaller outside areas.


Discover more about the 6' x 4' Palram Canopia Harmony Small Silver Polycarbonate Greenhouse (1.8m x 1.2m) here.


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Palram Canopia Conservatories and Sun Rooms


Palram Canopia’s conservatories and sun rooms are versatile garden buildings, which can be used for a variety of purposes.


SanRemo Conservatories

The SanRemo conservatories include 8mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof panels and 3mm acrylic side panels. This ensures the interior enjoys plenty of natural light without becoming uncomfortably bright.


With a heavy-duty aluminium frame, laser-cut galvanised-steel connectors, and 3 sets of sliding, lockable doors, this range of solariums really is premium, in every sense of the word.


SanRemo conservatories all come with an excellent 10-year limited warranty.



Rion Sun Rooms

The Rion sun rooms encompass a larger range of conservatories, all of which also make excellent lean-to greenhouses.


Supported by a thick resin frame, reinforced with galvanised steel and additional aluminium profiles, they are certainly built to last. The 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels and crystal-clear 3mm polycarbonate side panels ensure a light, airy environment, which is never uncomfortably bright.


Other key features include a lockable door, roof vent and 7-year limited warranty.



Palram Canopia Best Buy Sun Room

Equally suitable as a conservatory or lean-to greenhouse, this stunning sun room features 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels and crystal-clear 3mm polycarbonate side panels.


The panels are supported by a thick, white resin frame, reinforced by galvanised steel rods, to provide a sturdy, long-lasting structure, backed by a 7-year limited warranty.


The door can be positioned at either end of the structure and comes with a key-operated lock.


Discover more about the 8' x 10' Palram Canopia Rion White Sun Room (2.4m x 3m) here.




Palram Canopia Gazebos


Palram Canopia manufactures a great range of garden gazebos too, both with and without sides.

The former includes the Garda and Ledro models, while the latter encompasses the Dallas, Martinique, Milano, Monaco, Palermo, Roma and Tucson lines.



Gazebos with Sides

The Garda and the Ledro are absolutely stunning garden buildings, ideal for either private or commercial use.


Supported by a heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminium frame and supplied with a 10-year limited warranty, the Garda combines bronze-tinted 16mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof panels with crystal-clear 3mm acrylic side panels to ensure a light, but not uncomfortably bright, environment.


Easy access is gained via sliding double doors, while an integrated guttering system ensures excellent rainwater runoff. The unusual shape of the roof, which is topped with a vent, makes this a particularly eye-catching gazebo.

The Ledro comes in 3 different sizes and is equally impressive. Differences include thinner roof panels, polycarbonate side panels and an extra set of doors.


Open-Sided Garden Gazebos

The open-sided gazebos are all really eye-catching and come in a number of different sizes, all of which are completely maintenance free.


While these gazebos all have their own unique selling points, they are constructed using similar principles. Their design features a heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminium frame; laser-cut galvanised-steel connectors; 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels; and a 10-year limited warranty.


Dependent on the model, other features might include an air vent, integrated guttering and curtain rails. If the gazebo includes curtain rails, we will sell the curtains and nets to go with them.



Palram Canopia Best Buy Gazebo

This polycarbonate gazebo comes with a sleek, modern design and 10-year limited warranty.


The heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminium frame; laser-cut galvanised steel connectors; and 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels ensure an incredibly robust structure, ideal for outdoor entertainment.


Other key features include a large roof vent and integrated curtain rails.


Discover more about the 14' x 12' Palram Canopia Dallas 4300 Grey Garden Gazebo (4.26m x 3.64m) here.


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Palram Canopia Patio Covers and Door Canopies


Palram Canopia’s patio covers and door canopies utilise the many benefits of polycarbonate too.



Palram Canopia Patio Covers


We stock 2 lines of Palram Canopia patio cover: the Olympia and the Sierra. Both are available with white or grey frames and feature polycarbonate roof panels; heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminium frames; laser-cut galvanised-steel connectors; and integrated guttering. Roof blinds are available to buy as optional extras too.


The Olympia is the more expensive model. It comes with thick 16mm multi-wall polycarbonate panels and a 12-year limited warranty, while the Sierra uses thinner 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels and includes a 7-year limited warranty.



Palram Canopia Door Canopies

Door canopies provide excellent weatherproof protection and block harmful UV rays, without darkening the doorway.


The glazing is made from either polycarbonate or acrylic, both of which do their job effectively. Expect to see any combination of aluminium, galvanised steel or high-impact polymer used to produce the brackets, support arms and protective edges. Again, each of these materials is ideal for their job.


Some lines of Palram Canopia door canopy also include guttering - a useful addition for channelling rainwater away from the doorway.



Palram Canopia Best Buy Patio Cover

A neat garden awning with a smart, modern design, this eye-catching patio cover is the perfect garden shelter for a morning coffee or alfresco meal for two.


The screw-free sliding-panel assembly system ensures easy installation, while an adjustable wall mounting plate and flexible pole positioning allow the patio cover's height, distance from the house and pole spacing to be set as required.

6mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels and a heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminium frame ensure a very robust structure, which is backed by a 7-year limited warranty.


Find out more about the 10' x 10' Palram Canopia Sierra White Patio Cover (3m x 3m) here.


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Palram Canopia Carports

 Easy to assemble and maintenance free, a Palram Canopia carport makes an excellent alternative to a prefab garage. They come in various sizes to cater for households with single cars, 2 cars or other vehicles.


The main models are the Arcadia, Arizona, Atlas, Verona and Vitoria. These carports all feature a heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminium frame; laser-cut galvanised steel connectors; polycarbonate roof panels; an integrated guttering system; and anchor kit.


The differences concern the carport’s design, the thickness of the polycarbonate, and whether or not it is bronze-tinted.



Palram Canopia Best Buy Carport

Supplied with a 10-year limited warranty, this state-of-the-art carport boasts a jaw-dropping design.


The bronzed, corrugated 2mm polycarbonate roof panels are advance-engineered, virtually unbreakable and completely shatterproof. The heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminium frame and laser-cut galvanised steel connectors ensure the structure remains completely stable, whatever the weather throws at it.


This premium carport also comes with integrated guttering, pre-cut panels and pre-drilled profiles.

Find out more about the 16' x 10' Palram Canopia Arizona Breeze 5000 Grey Metal Carport (4.8m x 3m) here


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