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We have an huge range of high-quality garden greenhouses for sale, sourced from industry-leading manufacturers (Palram Canopia, Halls, Forest Garden, and Mercia).


Regardless of the size or style you need, you can buy your new greenhouse today with full confidence - there's a perfect option for every garden and outdoor space. We also offer free delivery to the vast majority of UK mainland postcodes. What's not to love?


If you'd like some more information on greenhouses before buying, our detailed guide is perfect for you.

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5'x2' Forest Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse
28% Off
5 - 10 Working Days 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £489.99
Was £689.99
5'x2' Forest Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse with Autovent
28% Off
5 - 10 Working Days 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £499.99
Was £699.99
8' x 6' Forest Vale Modular Wooden Greenhouse (2.48m x 2m) - Installation Included
6 - 8 Weeks 15 year Anti-Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Tongue & Groove
3���9 x 1���6 Forest Georgian Tall Wall Lean to Greenhouse with Auto Vent (1.19m x 0.5m)
29% Off
4 - 5 Weeks 15 Years Guarantee Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove
Special Price £399.99
Was £569.99
4'x2' Forest Wooden Small Mini Lean To Greenhouse
30% Off
5 - 10 Working Days 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £279.99
Was £399.99
3'x4' Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse (0.9x1.2m)
29% Off
3 - 4 Weeks 15 year anti-rot guarantee Pressure treated
Special Price £574.99
Was £819.99
6' x 5' Forest Vale Modular Wooden Greenhouse (2m x 1.69m) - Installation Included
6 - 8 Weeks 15 year Anti-Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Tongue & Groove
3'x4' Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse (0.9x1.2m)
29% Off
3 - 4 Weeks 15 year anti-rot guarantee Pressure treated
Special Price £599.99
Was £849.99
3'7 x 2'1 (1.09x0.63m) Grow-Plus Large Overlap Cold Frame
15% Off
5 - 10 Working Days 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Overlap Construction
Special Price £109.99
Was £129.99
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Why choose greenhouse gardening?

Discover the pure joy of greenhouse gardening and a multitude of benefits that make it an enriching and rewarding experience. By creating a controlled environment, you can extend your growing season, allowing for the cultivation of a wide variety of plants, vegetables and herbs, that may be challenging to grow in natural conditions. Let’s face it, UK weather doesn’t make for the most predictable gardening experience.

With the ability to control temperature, humidity, and light exposure, greenhouse gardening empowers you to experiment with exotic plants, rare species, and delicate blooms that demand specific conditions. Delight in nurturing orchids, succulents, and other captivating floral wonders, creating an oasis of natural beauty right in your garden.

Imagine indulging in juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, vibrant bell peppers, and an assortment of fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, and cilantro, all thriving within the protective walls of your greenhouse.

Ourdoor and garden greenhouses for sale

Broadly speaking, Shedstore have two main types of greenhouses for sale, these are “free standing or standard greenhouses” and “lean to greenhouses”. Both these can be bought in all the material types – wooden, aluminium and polycarbonate. Additionally, both “free standing” and “lean to” models can be bought in mini, small, and large sizes, with options to suit those looking for a cheap greenhouse through to premium designs. 

Standard greenhouses (Free standing) models

Standard or free standing greenhouses are a type that stands freely on their own and have both a front and back side and do not need a wall or fence to “lean” against.

Lean to greenhouses

A lean to greenhouse is a type that enables buyers to maximise their available space. Lean to greenhouses lean against a fence, or wall on one side and offer a cost and space-saving opportunity.

What materials are used?

There are three predominant materials used to manufacture greenhouses, all have their own “pros and cons”. You will find all three types available to buy at Shedstore, these are wooden, aluminium and polycarbonate. We summarise these three types below:

1)     Wooden greenhouses

Our wooden greenhouses (also known as greenhouse sheds) are available in both traditional and contemporary designs and are manufactured from top-quality timber from leading brands. These are dip or pressure treated and typically carry ten to fifteen year anti-rot guarantees.

2)     Aluminium greenhouses

Our aluminium greenhouses are an excellent choice and deliver superb strength and toughness, whilst also providing low maintenance. Aluminium greenhouses are highly durable, and their stylish appearance is attractive to many customers.

3)     Polycarbonate greenhouses

If you want to buy a sturdy and unbreakable greenhouse, choose a model from our polycarbonate greenhouses range. Typically featuring an aluminium frame, we stock polycarbonate for its durability and strength, which is stronger even than toughened safety glass. Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable.

What different sizes of outdoor greenhouse are sold?

There is no “industry standard”, but here at Shedstore we broadly break down our outdoor greenhouses into three main sizing groups, “mini”, “small” and “large”, meaning we’ll have the right size for your gardening needs:

Mini greenhouses and cold frames

Our cold frames and mini greenhouses range from 4’x2’ to 6’x2’ in size. These are ideal for encouraging youngsters into gardening and for adult newcomers “trying their hand at gardening”.  These cold frame and mini styles are ideal for making the most of available space, particularly where space is restricted.

Small greenhouses

These greenhouses range from 4’x2’ to 6’x8’ in size. They again are ideal for restricted space, but you might be surprised at how much can be packed into a small space. Make most of the sunlight and enjoy growing fruit, flowers, and vegetables in our range of small lean-to and small free standing greenhouses.

Large greenhouses

Our large greenhouses range from 6’x8’ to 12’x10’ in size and provide ample space to grow all the fruit and vegetables you desire. Perfect for greenhouse gardening of all kinds, these large structures which often come in polycarbonate or toughened safety glass provide the size and functionality to manage everything. Once you buy a large greenhouse you will ask “How did I manage without ?”

Walk in greenhouses

If you looking to buy a greenhouse with easy “walk in” access, ensure you buy a model that is sufficiently tall. We recommend buying a greenhouse of at least 6’ in height.

Do you sell accessories?

Yes! Browse and shop through an extensive range of greenhouse accessories. This includes adjustable workbenches, base kits, irrigation kits, lighting systems, roof vents, shading kits, shelving, side louvre window openers and trellis kits.

Also, when buying a particular greenhouse brand/model specific options become available, these include the general accessories above but could also include a base kit, blinds, cold frames, cresting, gutter connection kit, heater, portable fan, potting bench, solar lighting, and watering system.

Do you have cheap greenhouses available?

Our cheap greenhouses are perfect for those just beginning their adventures in gardening. This range includes both wooden and plastic options to suit your tastes. To view our lowest-cost greenhouses, simply apply the price filter on the left hand side of this page and tick the top few price bands with your preferred price range.

What colour options do you have?

The majority of our aluminium greenhouse frames are silver in colour with green being the next most popular colour. Also, increasingly popular are grey and black. Most of our wooden greenhouse sheds have a natural treated attractive wooden finish. Customers can paint their wooden greenhouses themselves if they prefer a painted finish.

What are your delivery options?

We also deliver all of our greenhouses promptly and for free to many UK mainland postcodes, with 'pick-a-day' options available on selected lines. Read our delivery information at this link.

Greenhouse buying guide and essential questions

If you need more information on the types of garden greenhouses available, then read our helpful “10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Greenhouse” blog post which highlights useful aspects to consider before you buy. This comprehensive post tackles areas such as size, positioning, design, base, frame, glazing, doors, ventilation, staging/shelving, and essential accessories.

Don’t delay, order today

From cold frames and mini greenhouses to larger greenhouse buildings, or cheap greenhouses to premium styles, discover the flexibility to practice sustainable gardening methods such as water conservation and organic pest control, fostering a healthier and eco-friendly approach to cultivation.

With the huge range of options available at Shedstore, your growing season can start much earlier, so why delay? Embrace the satisfaction of consuming homegrown, pesticide-free produce and revel in the knowledge that you are contributing to a greener planet.

Let Shedstore resolve all your queries

Do you need help in selecting the best greenhouse for sale? Let our experts talk you through the styles, materials and sizes that are available for your budget. Please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Telephone number - 0333 003 0518
  • Contact form – this is available on our contact page
  • Live chat – do you need to speak now? If so, click on the Live Chat link at the bottom-left of any page