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How to Install Decking Boards

Installing a decking area using boards or a kit is relatively simple but you will need someone to help you. Once built, you will have an area which is a great place to sit with family and friends or host al fresco dinner parties.

Consider the base for your decking area

It is possible to install timber decking onto a hard porous standing or directly on to the garden floor. In both cases you will need to ensure that the area is flat and level. When installing directly onto the ground you can also lay a weed proof membrane, to prevent weeds and other plants from growing underneath. If installing against a wall to your house, you will need to make sure there is ample drainage or angle the base away from the house.

How to install timber decking

Building the deck bearer base:

If you buy a kit it should include a deck bearer kit but you can easily build one for yourself. To begin, all bearer planks need to be cut to the same length as your decking boards.

  • Place two bearer joists at opposite edges of your decking area
  • Then place two further joist across the remaining other edges and attach to the first two.
  • Next Fix the remaining cross-joists to the frame that you have just made
  • Use a spirit level to keep the structure is level

Installing the decking boards:

  • Line up the first deck board level with on of the edges of your base frame and attach using screws
  • Next place the following deck board next to the first – you can use spaces to make sure they are a set distance apart
  • Continue in this way until the decked area is fully clad
  • Lastly, you can attach boards to the outer side edge of your base frame to finish the decking area