How to turn a shed into an office

Shed conversions are becoming the new thing at the moment, turning what used to be just a storage space into a work out, relaxation or office space. The great thing about this is even if you have a low budget you can achieve a space away from the home where you can do what you like. Home offices are very hard to achieve due to the distractions in the house so what better way than to renovate your old shed. 

The first thing you will want to do is to give your shed a once over, especially if it is an older shed. 

Here is a guide that walks you through the process of checking and fixing common problems with an older shed. 

Following this guide you will now have a safe and workable shed. Time to renovate.

To have a working office all year round, you will need to insulate the shed so that you do not become frozen to your desk. Again, here is a handy guide that shows an easy way to insulate your shed. 

Now we have a safe and warm shed, the next phase is to add furnishings such as chairs/desk. 
Office chairs can be found in a range of stores, even better if you already have one lying around the house. When insulating the shed we recommend that you add a layer of carpet as it will keep the shed warmer and will allow for smooth chair rolling. Another seating arrangement can be added in the form of a fixed seat which is really handy, especially if you will have clients over to your office. 

Here is a fantastic guide which shows you how to make the fitted seat and how to make one without breaking the bank. 

Other essentials you will require will be a desk for working which again can be found at any store these days. Make sure you measure the space available inside the shed to avoid getting home and finding that your desk is too big!

Thanks to technology these days, WIFI will enable internet use inside the shed and therefore no installation will be required. Of course if you have issues with WIFI range you can find range increases at specialised computer shops and this will remove that issue. If you do require electricity inside the shed then we advise to call in an electrician as they will know what they are doing and will install it safely. Of course installing electricity will increase the cost of the renovation but in most cases it is needed and will pay off. 

All manner of items can be added inside the shed once you have mains power, fridges and fans for summer days etc. Heaters for the cold winter mornings. Having electricity makes it a proper “office”. 

If your shed is not worth fixing up for example it’s an old storage shed then take a look at the range of log cabins we have on site that can double as garden offices

If you want to know more about the range of log cabins on offer then check out our useful video below.