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How to insulate a shed?

Now that the weather enables us to get out into the garden and try to steal it back from mother nature that claimed it during the Autumn and Winter months. De-Cluttering the shed is a must, sorting out things you have hoarded over the past year. Take it that step further this year and add shed insulation so that you can use the Shed in the winter for hobby work, painting etc etc without freezing. 

There are loads of ways to add shed insulation to a shed or workshop, depending on your time and cost budget, there is a solution for everybody. If you are not up for insulating your shed on yourself, when checking out on ShedStore you can select to add Insulation for an extra fee.  

Bubble Wrap:

The simplest and easiest way of adding shed insulation is Bubble Wrap. Bubble Wrap can be found in large quantity’s at any DIY/Hardware Store and isn't expensive at all. You can even purchase foil backed Bubble Wrap which adds even more insulation. It works by trapping heat due to the air bubbles. You can attach Bubble Wrap to Wall Panels and Roofing using a Staple Gun or hammer and nails. 

Wall Insulation:

This method is more costly but will provide much more insulation then Bubble Wrap. You will need rolls of Glass fibre wool which again can be purchased at DIY/Hardware stores. Remember however, Fibre Wool is full of tiny glass particles which can seriously irritate the Skin so use a face-mask, gloves and protective clothing. The easiest way of tacking the Fibre wool to the wall is to buy sheets of plywood or MDF and use it as a secondary wall, with the fibre wool in between retaining heat. We massively advise before tacking the wool to the wall, adding a breathable membrane to prevent the wool from going damp. This stops frequent changes of the fibre wool in the future. 


Insulating the flooring is very simple and easy. If you have any carpet cut off’s left over from changing the carpet this Winter then put it too good use. If not why not have a drive and see if there is any being thrown out from others and ask if you can have it. Place down a waterproof membrane then staple the carpet down and voilà. 


A huge leakage of warm air is through the door frame! Even if the gap is minuscule it still will let heat out. A simple way to stop this is taking some rubber strips and nailing/stapling them over the door gaps, Preventing any heat from escaping. The thin windows do not help when it comes to shed insulation, pick up some secondary glazing film which will help massively! 

There you have it! A well insulated shed that didn't break the bank! 

If you do not have time to insulate your shed then get us to do it for you!

When buying any shed from us you can choose to add either or both building and base insulation for an extra fee. This saves you time and effort and provides a solid insulation rather than budget methods. Insulation is done via a third party company who specialise in shed insulation and know exactly what they are doing!

Check out the accessories we offer to help add that final piece to your shed.