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Keep your dogs, chickens and rabbits dry and secure with an outdoor pet house from Shedstore. Our range includes outdoor dog houses, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, and top-quality wooden dog kennels for sale, so why not treat your pet to its own home today and give them peace, space and quiet away from the main home.


Free delivery is also available to the large majority of UK postcodes. To explore our pet houses and dog kennels further, simply click on the “view details” button or any of the product images below.

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4'2 x 3'6 Forest Premium Wooden Dog Kennel - Pet House (1.28m x 1.06m)
5 - 10 Working Days 10 year Anti-Rot Guarantee
Special Price £245.99 Was £254.99
10'1 x 4'6 Forest Premium Wooden Dog Kennel with 6ft Run - Pet House (3.07m x 1.38m)
5 - 10 Working Days 10 year Anti-Rot Guarantee
Special Price £795.99 Was £819.99
4'5 x 2'6 Forest Premium Wooden Starter Small Chicken Coop (1.34m x 0.77m)
5 - 10 Working Days 10 year Anti-Rot Guarantee
Special Price £249.99 Was £259.99
8'6 x 4'8 Forest Premium Wooden Raised Large Chicken Coop (2.58m x 1.41m)
5 - 10 Working Days 10 year Anti-Rot Guarantee
Special Price £625.99 Was £644.99
6'4 x 2'5 Forest Premium Wooden 2-Tier Rabbit Hutch (1.94m x 0.74m)
5 - 10 Working Days 10 year Anti-Rot Guarantee
Special Price £459.99 Was £474.99
6'6 x 3'5 Forest Premium Wooden Chicken Coop with 4ft Run (1.99m x 1.05m)
5 - 10 Working Days 10 year Anti-Rot Guarantee
Special Price £365.99 Was £379.99
5'4 x 3'8 Forest Premium Wooden Large Hen House (1.63m x 1.12m)
5 - 10 Working Days 10 year Anti-Rot Guarantee
Special Price £569.99 Was £589.99
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What styles of pet house do you supply?

At Shedstore, we cater to a variety of pets with our diverse range of outdoor pet houses. Our collection includes dog kennels, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, and hen houses. Each pet house is expertly designed, constructed from top-quality materials, and guaranteed to last.

Of course, the most common style of pet house is the kennel, but out pet houses are not limited to dogs. Our Forest Hedgerow Wooden 2-Tier Rabbit Hutch and the Wooden Raised Large Chicken Coop are some of the other options available.

All outdoor pet houses are designed with the needs of different animals in mind and built to withstand the elements, providing your pets with a safe and comfortable space in your garden. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for pet owners.

Dog kennels (outdoor dog houses)

Our dog kennels for sale are a perfect outdoor home for your canine companions. We offer a variety of dog kennels to suit different budgets and requirements. They are available in different sizes and styles, including the Forest Hedgerow Wooden Dog Kennel and the Traditional Apex Dog Kennel with a 6' Run.

These kennels (also known as outdoor dog houses) provide your dogs with a space of their own in your garden. They are designed to provide shelter from rain, wind, and direct sunlight. These pet houses are also spacious enough for your dogs to move around comfortably, ensuring their wellbeing.

Rabbit hutches

Our rabbit hutches, like the Forest Hedgerow Wooden 2-Tier Rabbit Hutch, are designed with your pet's comfort and safety in mind. These pet houses provide ample space for your rabbits to move around, play, and rest. Made from top-quality materials, our rabbit hutches are durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for pet owners.

Chicken coops

Give your chickens a safe and comfortable home with our range of chicken coops. The Forest Hedgerow Wooden Raised Large Chicken Coop is a popular choice, providing ample space for your chickens and easy access for cleaning and maintenance. These outdoor pet houses are designed to protect your chickens from predators and harsh weather conditions, ensuring their wellbeing.

Hen houses

Our hen houses, like the Forest Hedgerow Wooden Large Hen House, are designed to provide your hens with a safe and comfortable living space. With ample space for your hens to roost and lay eggs, our hen houses are a must-have for any poultry owner.

These garden pet houses are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for pet owners. Remember, our pet houses are more than just shelters for your pets. They are designed to enhance your pets' quality of life, providing them with a space where they can play, rest, and feel secure. Explore our range today to find the perfect house for your pet.

Are your wooden dog kennels waterproof?

Our wooden dog kennels are manufactured by Forest and Traditional, top-quality manufacturers of outdoor dog houses and kennels. Whether you choose dip treated or pressure treated our wooden dog kennels will be fully waterproof so rest assured your pooch will stay nice and dry.

What styles of dog kennel do you sell and what maintenance is needed?

Available with apex or pent roofing styles our wooden dog kennels are dip treated and guaranteed as standard for one year. If you buy our dip treated kennels, you will need to annually treat them with high-quality wood preservative.

As an upgrade option, for an additional price, our dog kennels can be pressure treated. This means that the wood used in the kennel manufacture is treated under pressure with wood preservative. Upgrading to pressure treatment increases the length of the guarantee to fifteen years and also means there is no need for annual wood preservative treatment.

What are the reasons to buy a dog house?

There are many reasons to buy outdoor dog houses if nothing else dogs love being outside! Giving your dog time outside will burn up excess energy and help them sleep better and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Another reason is to assist with toilet training. If dogs become familiar with going to the toilet outdoors, it will become unnatural to mess indoors. Talking of looking after your home an outdoor dog house, keeps your home safe from damage if you need to leave the house. Separation anxiety can cause chewing and scratching, so placing your dog in a kennel would prevent such damage.

As dogs are territorial giving them their own garden dog kennel will give them their own space. This helps to avoid damaging the home and ripping up the garden. A kennel is a chance for space, sleep (away from kids!), and a little peace and quiet. If you add your dog’s belongings and comfortable blankets all the better!

What does the RSPCA say about using an outdoor dog house?

Here is a summary of advice from the RSPCA about keeping a dog outside:

1)    Buy a suitable outdoor kennel

This needs to be large enough for sleeping and activity. Ensure the dog can walk, run, and also wag its tail and have plenty of space within the kennel. The dog should also have space to play, be able to stand on its hind legs and be capable of lying down and stretching.

2)    Provide space, shelter, and protection

Naturally, the outdoor dog house needs to provide shelter and protection. This includes protection from direct sunlight, rain, and wind. The amount of space is also important, with a dog crate not being a suitable permanent home for your dog.

3)    Manage temperature and ventilation

The temperature needs to be monitored and kept between 10°C and 26°C.

4)    Avoid tethering or restraining

As a general rule, dogs should not be tethered or chained. This is acceptable for very short periods of time. The problem with restraining a dog is that it can lead to injuries and also affect a dog’s mental wellbeing.

5)    Access to food and water

Naturally, access to food and clean drinking water is essential. If dogs are kept outside, food and drink levels need to be continuously monitored.

6)    Managing social needs

Dogs are social animals and need company and the chance to play. Ensure that dogs have access to daily exercise, play and have the ability to play and interact with animals and other people.

Why buy online from Shedstore

There is no need to type a search like “dog kennels for sale near me”. Shedstore supplies top-quality pet houses and dog kennels to your door UK-wide. Why go anywhere else when all the price, technical and delivery information is available online? Complete your transaction online.

Contact Shedstore about pet houses

If you are looking to buy wooden dog kennels or pet houses, select Shedstore. We have supplied a lot of details above, but sometimes you need to speak to somebody or perhaps have more specific questions. Our experts are free to discuss our range of low-cost outdoor dog houses including the price, delivery lead times, and any other information you need.

Contact Shedstore today by calling us on 0333 003 0518 or you can email us by using the web form located on our contact page. Alternatively, speak to us NOW using Live Chat, this is accessible via the icon at the bottom left of every page.

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