The Impact of 2020 on the Gardening Industry

At Shedstore, we do not want you to miss out on creating the garden you want. The impact of the pandemic has raised issues for the garden product industry and created a sense of urgency around purchasing your gardening goods.

Production Pauses

Many of the manufacturers we work with had to pause production of their sheds, playhouses, log cabins and other garden structures during the first lockdown. As the nation returned to work, COVID distancing and safety measures meant production was not always at full capacity.

Import Delays

Some of our manufacturers rely on imports of raw materials and other components from overseas. Brexit, transportation issues and the impact of COVID on other countries led to delays in the importation of these essential parts of manufacturing.

Unprecedented Demand

With everyone taking to their gardens during lockdown, the demand for gardening buildings and accessories hit a historical high. This new demand combined with the usually busy season of spring and summer saw already depleted stocks sell out quickly.

Demand continued over autumn and winter, a time when garden building manufacturers are traditionally quieter. This meant new reserves of stock could not be accumulated.

Lengthy Lead Times

A lead time is the time in which a product will be ready for delivery. As demand has grown, manufacturers have not been able to stockpile and, therefore, lead times have lengthened. This means customers are waiting longer to get their desired products.

Timber Costs

Timber costs across Europe have increased. With wood being the most popular material for sheds, workshops and other garden buildings, this is an added issue for manufacturers already impacted by the events of 2020. The result is rising prices for garden products.


While Shedstore and the manufacturers we work with are doing all we can to continue to provide good service and high-quality products, we do urge you to order what you want for your garden as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Thank you for your support and patience.

The Shedstore Team