Buy Now, Prices Must Go Up

Buy Now Before Prices Go Up

At Shedstore, we’re committed to offering customers the best prices available on the web. Delivering excellent customer service is of equal importance to us; we want to build trusting relationships with everyone who chooses to shop with us.

Due to the reasons explained below, our prices will be increasing within the next few weeks. We wanted to be transparent and give advanced notice, providing you with the opportunity to take advantage of our current offers.   

Why are prices increasing?

There are a number of factors contributing to the price increases:

- In the UK currently, we’re cutting down more trees than we’re planting. We’re replanting 50% less trees than we did 10 years ago, which is reducing the amount of timber on the market.

- More and more forests are being taken over by private companies; their owners are not willing to sell their wood, in order to drive up timber prices.

- Though approximately 50% of the timber used in the UK is produced here, we also import large quantities from European countries like Latvia. Due to the atrocious weather conditions this winter, the delivery of such quantities of timber has proven problematic.

- As we rely heavily on imported timber to meet demands, increasing transport costs and the decreasing value of the sterling has resulted in the UK becoming a less attractive market to exporters.

- This is compounded by emerging markets in Asia and recovering markets in Europe; both are willing to pay much more for timber.

- Timber is now being used in more ways than ever. For instance, it has become a more popular material for housing developers, as it allows them to build new properties much more quickly, and at lower prices.

- Transportation costs are once again increasing, affecting both imports and domestic deliveries. This is especially affecting timber transportation, due to its bulk and weight.

- The number of biomass power stations in the UK is increasing. They consume vast quantities of timber in order to produce electricity and heat.

All of the above result in a national shortage, which in turn increases timber prices. Between the beginning of 2014 and the middle of 2017, the cost of the timber we use increased by approximately 5%. Since then, despite the incredibly short time frame, timber prices have risen in excess of 20%. Unfortunately, this leaves us with no choice but to follow suit.

Why buy when timber prices are increasing?

Wooden sheds and storage units have been a staple in gardens for years, despite past pricing fluctuations.

One reason why the classic wooden shed has been a staple for generations is its fantastic, timeless appearance; a traditional shed stands proudly in the garden whilst seamlessly blending into a natural background of greenery.

Wooden sheds are now high quality and dependable garden buildings. Gone are the days of premature rotting and wind damage. Modern sheds are built to stand the test of time. Many are now pressure treated, boasting impressive 15 year guarantees against both rot and fungal decay. The manufacturing process for overlap, shiplap and tongue and groove sheds is becoming more refined, increasing durability and robustness too.

Wooden sheds are a more sustainable choice. At Shedstore, we disapprove of the aforementioned disastrous over-logging and under-planting taking place in the UK. Instead, we construct our products from FSC-certified timber. Plus, timber is straightforward to recycle; this is not so easy with other materials.

8'x6' (2.4x1.8m) Shed-Plus Apex Pressure Treated Shed     7'x5' (2.1x1.5m) Shed-Plus Pent Dip Treated Overlap Shed

Is the increase permanent? 

Thankfully, the government is aware of the current problems and discussing possible solutions. The bad news is that we’re not sure when any changes will be put in place, so we can’t know for certain if the current issue of timber prices can be reversed as promptly as we hope.

At Shedstore, the last thing we want to do is increase our prices but, sadly, due to the circumstances discussed, we have no choice. We hope you understand our reasons and we urge you to take advantage of our current offers before the increase in a few weeks.

Thank you,

The Shedstore team.