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  1. Do I Need a Shed Base?

    Do I Need a Shed Base?

    The Importance of a Shed Base

    What Does a Shed Base Do?

    Shed bases, whatever they are made out of, need to achieve three things:

    1. The first is to make the ground level.
    2. The
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  2. How to build a garden office

    How to build a garden office

    Work from Your Garden

    More people are working from home than ever and many do so from an office in their garden. And why not? It saves all that tiresome commuting and with internet connections generally being

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  3. Greenhouse design ideas

    A greenhouse allows you to garden earlier in the year and well into winter. In fact, there's something you can be getting on with all the year round once you have a greenhouse in place.
    Most greenhouses have to be both practical and aesthetically

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  4. How to turn your shed into the perfect storage space

    How to turn your shed into the perfect storage space

    Most sheds are big enough for your needs. Honest. It's just they are crammed with broken garden furniture, antique paint cans and a miscellany of plastic sacks. Not to mention those pieces of random off cuts of wood that will

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  5. How to build a greenhouse

    How to build a greenhouse

    In a word – carefully. In two words – with help. In three words – do it well. A greenhouse extends the gardening year at both ends. It brings spring forward and puts winter back. It also allows you to grow a whole manner of plants you would only ever

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  6. An Interview with Froglife

    An Interview with Froglife

    Earlier this month, we caught up with Silviu from Froglife, to talk about amphibian conservation, habitats, and their 'Toads on the Road' project. Check out the great interview

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  7. What is pressure treatment?

    Vacuum pressure impregnation, often simply referred to as pressure treatment, should be considered as the preferred factory treatment process for the long-term protection of softwood-based garden products; such as garden buildings, fencing, arbours

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  8. Should I Buy a Wooden, Metal or Plastic Shed?

    Should I Buy a Wooden, Metal or Plastic Shed?

    Which Shed Material is Right for You?

    Choosing the right shed material is a big decision. It is one that you'll have to live with for many years to come.

    There are a number of factors that

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  9. Working from your shed: the options

    Working from your shed: the options

    What are the benefits of working from home, especially in the shed?

    The benefits of working from home are numerous: no more early rising to factor in the commute; no traveling costs; perhaps the choice

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  10. Top Shed Security Tips

    a wooden shed door with a bolt and large rusted padlock

    The contents of your shed are more valuable than you realise. Use our top tips for sheds security to keep your garden equipment safe.

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