Wooden Shed Designs

Which Wooden Shed Design is Best For You?

Here at Shedstore, we offer a wide range of wooden shed designs to cater for your shed storage and space needs. These come in a variety of sizes too. Have a look through our wooden shed designs gallery to see which shed is best for your needs. Need more help? Call our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team and they’ll be happy to help you figure out which shed is best for you.


Traditional Apex Garden Sheds

Nothing beats the traditional look of an apex shed. A mini-house designed for all your gardening bits and bobs, machinery, and tools – not forgetting garden furniture and bikes. An essential part of the garden and home, a traditional apex shed will last for years. Explore more apex sheds here.

Traditional Pent Garden Sheds

If you need to make full use of your garden space, a pent garden shed is the perfect choice. Pent sheds can be sited up against walls and fencing and, once inside, you still have all the usable space and headroom of any other shed. Pent sheds are invaluable when maximising the garden. Exploire more pent sheds here.

Reverse Apex Sheds

When placed up against a wall or fence, the higher section of the roof is at the back of the shed – great for storing ladders and garden furniture and perfect for quicker access to everyday items elsewhere in the shed. They are particularly good for use as a workshop, as you have more wall space for benches etc. Reverse apex sheds are great to look at and highly practical – a superb combination! Explore more reverse apex sheds here.

Corner Sheds

As the name suggests, these are perfect sheds for siting in a corner of the garden to make full use of garden space. The extra height in the eaves ensures you can store everything you need for your garden in an easily accessible and great looking building. Explore more corner sheds here.

Sheds with Log Stores

Woodburners are becoming ever popular and dry wood is the only wood to burn. A log store is vital if you want to keep the worst of the weather off the cut wood and to allow natural moisture loss. Wet wood simply smoulders and gives off smoke whereas dry wood burns like a dream. The bonus is that a neat stack of cut wood looks great in the garden. Explore more sheds with log stores here.

Sheds for Grow-your-own Gardeners

A simple shed is great for storage, but add larger windows and a work area and suddenly it becomes a growing area, a stopping off point to a greenhouse and a superb place to raise seedlings, chit potatoes and pot plants on. Superb light, great ventilation and your garden will never be as good. Explore more potting sheds here.

Great Looking Sheds – for those that like a beautiful building

With a designer’s eye and a little effort, a simple shed can become a structure of beauty. Barn style roofs blend into country gardens whereas a simple veranda adds a touch of class to your garden structure. Sheds need not be purely practical. Beauty is in the eye of the shedholder.