Winter Garden Survival Guide: January

Winter Garden Survival Guide: January tasks

With winter almost over your garden will be thanking you for taking the time out to make sure it survived the colder months, but it isn’t out of the woods yet. There are still some final tasks you should consider to make sure your winter garden has survived and will continue to flourish throughout spring. Take a look at our useful calendar and help your garden make it through the final winter stretch.

Check out our winter garden survival guide below, or download, print it out and pin it to your fridge so you don’t forget to keep your garden going over the colder months.

Download the printable January edition

Week 1

Treat any scratches or dents to your shed immediately so they don’t let rust set in.

Dig over garden beds to prepare the soil for the new year and to expose pests to hungry birds.

Shred your Christmas tree and add it to the compost bins.

Week 2

Put out a supply of food for birds who visit these shores from colder countries.

Avoid walking on your lawn if it’s frosty to avoid damaging the grass.

Plant roses but avoid planting them in areas where roses were previously planted to avoid replant disease.

Put fleece or netting around vulnerable plants to protect them from severe frost.

Week 3

Clear off fallen leaves regularly to reduce the risk of weeds and moss.

Late winter is the last chance to plant any evergreen and deciduous hedges.

Wash down the greenhouse roof to remove dirt and leaves and allow in more light.

Week 4

Plan what you want to plant over the next year so you can put together your seed order.

Check leaves and foliage for insects before putting on the compost, and put them back in a dry, sheltered spot where they won’t be disturbed.

Keep an eye out for moles as their activity increases leading up to the mating season in February.