What to Look for When Choosing Your Garden Furniture

The garden is a place that is increasingly seen as an extension of the home - somewhere we can appreciate nature, yes, but also an area to relax with friends and family during the warmer, summer months. Just as we would never consider a sofa or table-free lounge, where we were forced to stand up to watch television or eat our meals, nor should the modern householder consider an empty garden, devoid of comfort. Outdoor furniture is simply a must if you’re to maximise enjoyment of your garden space. Here, we take a look at some of the options available to you, as well as showing you a range of Shedstore’s fantastic garden furniture.


Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan and rattan-effect garden furniture is fashionable and maintenance-free.

Supremely stylish and exceptionally fashionable, rattan garden furniture is built from the ultra-tough stems of palm trees or, in the case of rattan-effect weave, a range of other robust materials. This makes it completely weatherproof and able to comfortably withstand a winter left in the garden, so it’s by no means essential to store this outdoor furniture away in your shed or garage. What’s more, rattan/ rattan-effect weave is completely maintenance free, saving you both time and money. Click on the link, or the pictures above, to browse through Shedstore’s brilliant rattan/ rattan-effect furniture range.


Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture is beautiful and timeless.

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting back on a wooden garden bench to admire your handy work, is there? And can you imagine dining alfresco on anything more luxurious than a wooden garden table and chairs? Completely timeless, wood also enjoys the obvious advantage of blending in well with the rest of your garden, whether we’re talking trees, decking or fence panels.

However, you will want to ensure that wooden furniture has been treated before purchasing it. Generally, if dip-treated, it will require annual retreatment, whilst pressure-treated wood is more or less maintenance free and usually comes with a 15-year anti-rot warranty. Click on the link, or the pictures above, to drool over Shedstore’s amazing range of wooden garden furniture, each piece oozing class and understated style. 


Metal Garden Furniture

Metal garden furniture is strong, durable and comes in a range of styles.

Strong, durable and, often, deceptively lightweight, metal garden furniture comes in a wide range of colours and styles. What’s more, as it is usually foldable, it is exceptionally convenient to store. Like the treated wood scenario, though, it is wise to look for powder-coated metal, for this will ensure that your new metal garden furniture set will withstand the harshest of weather conditions and remain rust-free. Click on the link, or the pictures above, to admire Shedstore’s beautiful metal garden tables and chairs for sale, as well as a number of our other stylish pieces.


Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic has a number of excellent qualities, demonstrated by Shedstore's fantastic range of plastic garden storage.

Like rattan, plastic furniture enjoys the advantage of being completely maintenance free and is highly suitable for those on a tighter budget. Incredibly tough, making it great for families with young children, it will withstand almost anything thrown at it. Plastic needn’t look like a poor relation of the other options, either, for it often comes in a range of vibrant colours and styles. Shedstore do not stock plastic garden furniture, but we do appreciate its excellent qualities for use in sheds and garden storage boxes. Why not browse through our exciting range of plastic garden storage, by clicking on the link, or the tempting pictures above?

Spring is here (don’t look outside, just take our word for it), which means that we’ll soon be spending a lot of our free time out in the garden. Make the most of the coming five months of unbroken sunshine and order your new garden furniture set from Shedstore’s fantastic range today.