Use Our Shed Plans To Build Your Shed

Building your own shed may sound daunting, but when you order a shed from us, you’ll receive clear shed plans (instructions) for building your shed. Here are some example shed plans:

Some top tips for you as you begin to build your shed:

Before installing your shed, ensure your space is big enough. Sounds obvious – but it’s always good advice to measure twice and cut or install once. Foundations are essential if you want your shed to last for years. Plonk it on wonky soil and things will slip, not to mention water ingress into your shed. Firm and level are the two watchwords to a shed foundation. It doesn’t have to be 15cm of poured concrete (but that would be good!) – correctly laid paving slabs, with all joints pointed, or a firm base of consolidated gravel will both be fine. Ready-made shed bases make this job even easier. A layer of semi-permeable membrane – the stuff that lets water through but stops weeds growing up – is a cheap way to save time, effort and money in the long run. Simply lay it on the surface before any installation begins.

The key point to installing your own shed is to read the instructions. It is so tempting to race ahead, fixing panels to walls to windows to roof sections and get it wrong. Plan your installation carefully: plenty of time, a little help (quality help is best but anyone who can hold the other end of a waggling panel will be fine) and, of course, the correct tools. Screwdrivers, hammers, spirit level and a sharp knife are essentials. A tea-urn is a great optional extra. Everything you need and need to do is written down as are all the bits and bobs (screws, nails, felt ) – check it all, count it all and then get cracking.

Choose a calm, dry day when gale force winds aren’t forecasted. Start early to give yourself the maximum amount of time (requiring a head torch is not a good idea) and do it right. Follow the plan and your shed will last for years.