How to turn your shed into the perfect storage space

Most sheds are big enough for your needs. Honest. It's just they are crammed with broken garden furniture, antique paint cans and a miscellany of plastic sacks. Not to mention those pieces of random off cuts of wood that will come in handy one day. No, they won't – so tidy up, go to the recycling centre, offer things on giveaway sites or even hire a skip to see what you've really got.

A shed with a SkyGuard EDM membrane roofGet rid of the old junk

Once the rubbish is away from the scene, it is highly rewarding to take everything out of the shed and plan the reconstruction carefully. It's also a great chance to repair all those holes and that leaky roof. The resident mouse won't thank you but your shed will be better for it. If your shed felt is looking worse for wear, why not consider a SkyGuard membrane roof? Apply it once and it stays put for up to 50 years and is guaranteed for 20. Fantastic! Check it out here.

Shed shelvingAdd shelving to your shed

Right – you need some shelving. Every shed needs shelving to store the various containers of 'stuff' for the garden. It's simple to put shelves up in a wooden shed, a bit trickier in metal bodied structures but still possible. Suddenly things are off the floor and it’s already looking tidier. If you need a shelving unit or two, check out our range here.

Potting BenchAdd benching to your shed

The next piece of kit you need is a bench or benching. Run this along one side of your shed and you have a place to put all those everyday objects – jam jars of nails and screws, screwdrivers, plant labels, insulation tape (why this falls into 'everyday' I don't know but it always a comfort to see a roll of it on my own benching). You’ll also end up with some great space below the benching to store long-handled tools or downright dangerous ones like loppers or chainsaws.

Tools HookProtect your tools

Hanging things up off the floor such as your trusty spade will make things tidier and ensure key items don't get damaged. I've stood on a spring tine rake before and bent the tines. If you can see it the chances are you will keep things clean – mud on forks and spades, dead pieces of hedges in your shears will be cleaned.

Alarmed Shed LockPut safety first

It's also a good idea to keep dangerous items such as chemicals and petrol for the mower (and spare blades) up and away from accidental spillages or inquisitive hands. Keep the shed door locked.

Once that is done, stand back and admit it – the shed was big enough. It is big enough. All you have to do is to keep it tidy so it stays big enough. If you find your shed really isn't big enough, you'll find an incredible range of high quality, great value sheds at Shedstore. Just click on the button to find out more: